Hello, I did a career test once when I was a college student. The time I took the personality test is when I was in my final year in college.  After I graduated, I wished I took the test when I started college.  It would of help me find a better degree and career path.  There were many degree choices I would of been interested in. I graduated with a BA in Geography and BS in Geology.  Now I'm currently in China teaching English to elementary and middle school students at a secondary school.  It's a good stable job for students to have, if they are studying abroad in China.  To make a lifetime career I don't feel comfortable with it.  So I would like to find something more suitable for me.  

I like to get guidance for a better career.  To talk to someone that understands ISFP and understand the other career choices.  What options do I have after I graduated and already started work?  What business fields can you find ISFP?  I notice I don't have experience in designing things but is it possible to be working in the same business?

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Any suggestions or where to search will be greatly appreciated. 


Many thanks. 

Jackie10000 (not verified) says...

Have you thought about GIS mapping?  You can be mapping all sorts of things besides just roads or natural features.   You can map fresh food deserts in an urban center, education levels, language spoken, etc.  It can be quite creative really.  Might be interesting for you.


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