Hi Everyone, 

Just came across this site and love it. I've been taking the Myers-Briggs test for many years, and it always comes back to me as INFJ. 

 I find this comfortably reassuring, and it explains so much about my personality and how I think and act. 

Professionally, I'm a youth worker, trainer and Life Coach, and I also write, so very alligend with the preferred/common career paths. Trying to break into writing write now actually. 

I look forward to connecting with you on here soon. 

Take Care,

Going the Distance 


Lara says...

Hello everyone.

I have been to this site for a few times and I am fascinated of the forums area and the blogs here. 

I am in search for self-discovery and I found this site useful. 

Currently, I am a student who has some difficulty in my academics and could do with some help.



Ahmed (not verified) says...

Hello Lara, 

I'm happy to help . What kind of difficulty do yu have ? 



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