Before I came across Briggs Meyer indicator tests I often wondered how the hell I could be so different from most people, but after I found the INTP personality it was me to a tee. I was a musician (played piano since 5 years old), then a Bass player in a 60's band in London and Italy, then a computer programmer at a Nuclear establishment first in the UK, then Australia, and now I'm mainly a software engineer for Mining applications. I couldn't be bothered with degrees and I dove off into the 60's music scene anyway, so all my learnt knowledge is self motivated, starting with IBM assembler code at the UK Nuclear site. I also compose music and write score using Cubase. Good stuff that software, but after analysing all the different chord structures and I always write a song with a major 7th in it, or a Minor 9th so I get semitones played together in the chord, writing music has become unproductive from the POV of putting a meal on the table.
Relationships where one had to converse with females who are usually only out for their own ego boosts were the last place for me to go, so I got married very late, and only to a female that was in serious trouble with 3 children to look after. She was ok so long as I could get inside a computers brain somewhere. That relationship is long over now and I've ended up in a disaster relationship with someone who shows strong BPD, sometimes dual personalities (I now know where Jekyll and Hyde came from) and when she's not medicated, she's a total pain to be with. So I keep asking myself WHY?
I'm starting to become convinced that I'm analysing this females behaviour struggles to such a point that I'm developing a theory as to why people are metally sick in general, especially for BPD and that's the basis of my attraction. The trouble is, it's not really curable. It can only be controlled, and now that I've found out as much as I can, the relationship is starting to crumble. Non INTP's will probably call me a bastard but they don't have my creative abilities or my enthusiasm to chase down a problem until it's solved at it's grass roots, or as close to grass roots as I can possibly get.
I've already written a Mathematical discovery that enhances 2D Algebra, but everyone I show it to thinks I'm an idiot when I'm quite sure it's the reverse that's true. It explains very clearly and precisely what the square root of -1 really is, and it's very "real" :) I really am not the norm when compared to the majority of people on this planet so I hide away and enjoy my algorithms on my laptop in my small room.
Anyone out there with similar problems? I have to keep a low profile otherwise everyone would really think I'm an arsehole :(
I can't even imagine what an INTP female would be like.


Billy Jay (not verified) says...

I thought I just did

Guest (not verified) says...

I am a female Indonesian INTP with BPD.. Honestly I have nothing to contribute to this post. I just felt the need to share that.

Gallus (not verified) says...

This is an old post. Perhaps nobody will see it. I am posting it anyway. Do i think you're an asshole? No. Just deficient. I am an INTP female. If all you wanted out of the relationship was to analyze that woman, you'd have no reason to post this. You spent the first half just pluming your feathers. You spent the second half also pluming your feathers, but less blatantly. 

Also, people probably think you're an idiot when you show them that model because it is probably a bad model, and practically everyone who knows about complex and imaginary numbers already knows of their usefulness and how grounded they are in reality. Also the fact that you call a mathematical model a "discovery" leads me to think you are mildly delusional, or just ignorant. 

Today i got a haircut and did not think the stylist cut off enough hair. I didn't say anything, because i was preoccupied in thoughts about what to teach my students when i go back to teaching in a few weeks. Also, i am shy. And i was hungry. I am socially challenged, but even i can see right through your soul. Don't try to validate yourself to random people on the internet. It is strange and puerile. I understand you were trying to be edgy, but you tried a little too hard, and it gives me mild discomfort, and did not have the effect intended. Also, people devote decades of their lives to the field of psychology and still don't have answers to many things because the human mind is very complex. The fact that you think your anecdotal analysis of one case could be of use to the scientific community despite your lack of expertise does not make you sound like an intellectual. It makes you sound like you are probably less mentally stable than that woman. Stop that. That will not earn you a seat at the spooper cool INTP table. We have standards. Or at least i do. Surprisingly enough.

If you read this, thank you. I'm not mean. I just say mean things sometimes. I usually mean it when i say it. Sometimes i say it when i don't mean it. This is not one of those times. I checked. 

Myrskytä (not verified) says...

hahaha., another INTP female guffaws;)

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