I've always felt different, I've always been attracted to books, art and poems. I love being alone, enjoying solitude really enhances my spiritual mindset and recharges my batteries. I often feel like I will never settle for anyone than a INFJ , I mean .. who would settle for inauthenticity ? I'm a proud INFJ but at the same time , it's sad that we only make less than 1% of the population, really wished I could encounter an INFJ or an old soul :/ 


CathrynH (not verified) says...

I don't think I ever got it until I read your post just now... Do you honestly think that as an INFJ, I'd only be content with another INFJ? Mind you, I do get it. I cannot stand inauthenticity, pretentiousness, laziness, or shallowness. And have always figured I'd need someone more on the introverted side of the scale to understand me... But are INFJs the only ones like that? I've never read up on the other personality types. 

ladidalola says...

There's another quiz in this website that matches you to a type based on your answers. I just took it and I was matched to an ENFJ. I'm a borderline I, but definitely more I than E, but I guess in my introverted moments, I feel the need for someone to pull me out of my shell. My husband is an INTJ, with a very strong I, so maybe this also affects the way I answered since he's fine being alone almost all the time.

We're very compatible, but the differences come out when it comes to making some decisions. I use my heart and he uses his head (him being a very strong T and me being a very strong F), and when we disagree on something, it's very hard to argue with someone when they only use facts, logic, and rational thinking especially when it comes to family matters or resolving interpersonal issues.

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