Well, first off, the test was unable to determine if I am an Introvert or an Extrovert. That is fair since I am not sure either. I guess it just depends on what day of the week it is. What I thought was strange, though, was that I scored as an INFP (healer) and ENFP (champion). Those seem like weird combos to me. I feel like I am certainly more of a Healer. Did anybody else get that score? Were you also thoroughly confused?


Artemesia (not verified) says...

Always confused! I got the same. And I also got infj which is kinda the opposite of Infp. I have gone round and round trying to work out which is the truth. One day I'm sure of one, the next of another. It feels good to be sure. It feels terrible to doubt. I think there's something addictive about being sure.
But the place to start is that this is not THE TRUTH, it is a tool to help you to know yourself. I think INFPs are good at doubting ourselves. One thing that has helped me at such times is the idea that we have a dominant feeling judgement, and a minor thinking judgement, that can decide different ways from each other. So I can feel very strongly that I am an extrovert, and be relieved that I finally have a label that expresses me, but sometime later I think - but I need to have lots of quiet time when I'm alone. Am I actually an introvert? And then we read something about intraverts that repels us and we know (by Fi) that we must be extravert after all!

The answer has to be to realise that there is no label that fits each of us completely. The only way to know who you are is to notice yourself and accept what you find. The way you would with anyone else! And the first thing to accept about INFPs is that we doubt ourselves sooooo much. It can end up being quite funny when you finally get that it's the way you are.

Ps I think that's why we INFPs like Buddhism!

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