I know that INFP's are supposed to be very poetic. Does anyone write poetry, and would you care to share if you do?


Guest (not verified) says...

I love writing poetry! Not sure I'd share on here tho heheh

hall.lorraine says...

I also love writing poetry but usually just for fun and not that good!

mp3artists says...

I love writing and reading good poetry. also songs and songwriting.....

and I'm a ENFP, ENFJ, ENTP, ENFJ etc, etc (four highest)....actually I'm pretty spread out amongst the 16 types.....no wonder !

Guest (not verified) says...

I LOOOOOVE POETRY. My poetry is kinda for myself though and I don't share it at all haha...

But I write about God and earth and people.
I also love spoken word.

Guest (not verified) says...

I like poetry and I'm able to write about anything. I would show you some of my poetry but my first language is french.

Guest (not verified) says...

Ill kick it off then ;)
My first and only english poem:
I love the sun,
I love the rain.
I love joy
And also pain.
I love the feeling,
That i get.
From telling something,
I should not have said.

I love being,
Awake and asleep.
I love thinking,
Way too deep.
I love living,
My life till the end.
I love everything,
But just as a friend.

Cheers infp's
Be gentle

Guest (not verified) says...


Tee (not verified) says...

Spoken word is great. I just watch a piece today titled Black Privilege on YouTube. It was incredible.

Tasha (not verified) says...

I wrote poetry all throughout highschool,(I mostly wrote poems about my crushes in highschool. I was a very hopeless romantic) it helped me express my feelings.
I have not written a poem in a long time. Before the words would just flow out of me, now I get writers block up the wazoo.
I think poetry was always quite easy for me, especially in the past, because I think in terms of metaphors anyway. So poetry just made sense! But i'm afraid it has become one of those things that if you don't use it, you lose it.


Guest (not verified) says...

hahahahaha....just found this...been writing since I was 14 too funny

ameertamoor953 says...

Hello there...
As infp I am supposed to love poetry...
But to tell you the truth I do love poetry but till this day I had never done it for myself...

Savvy.INFP (not verified) says...

Growing up I hated poetry because of the way they taught and forced it on us in school. I grew to love it after I started to write it myself. Now as an English major I'm supposed to read and dissect dozens of poems. So, yes! I LOVE poetry! :) I've written a lot of poetry lately but this is the only one I could find in my Google Drive that I can copy/paste. I wrote it at midnight forever ago. I guess you could call it poetry? :P

"Quiet Stormy Night"

Indiscernible whispers in my ears
Audible screams in my heart
The line between reality and fantasy
The circle of life and death

Who am I to know
That this is real?
Who are you to question
That ghosts are myth?

Coldness on the tips of my fingers
Warmness on the nerves of my brain
Metaphysical ideas
Or epistemological thinking?

Who am I to ponder?
Who are you to reason?

Bard says...

Note my username. :-)

trayjaytucker says...


I saw him in the evening song time
Coat ablaze long shadowed beeline
He made for the dim of shade
I saw his fleeting burning fade
Into Ash trees Raynard wise
His firey vision scorched my eyes
Though fast extinguished by his wit
He once was orange evening lit.

INFP :-)

Guest (not verified) says...

I love poetry! Writing and reading it. :)

Island Perceptions (not verified) says...

Learning that I'm INt/fP explains so much. Therapy for me is painting, and comic relief the same, through my poetry, etc.

As both poet and painter I wrote:

Fickle is the color of the sea,
Fluid, ethereal and fleeting.
Evoking pause with brush or word,
Beheld in spirit, yet misunderstood.
Awaiting first flicker of morning,
Before a vast wardrobe she stands
Naked and laughing.
Fickle is the color of the sea.

Guest (not verified) says...

With Gwen in Costa Rica

I'll soon be at your feet
At your feet
At your feet
I now understand
complete and utter spiritual defeat
This feeling that lingers
this feeling that knaws
this feeling--driving my moments of madness
this feeling--crippling sadness.

INFPoet (not verified) says...

When I am so overwhelmed with joy I cannot speak, I write poetry. When I am so filled with sorrow I have no tears, I write poetry. Poetry brings me closer to God and lifts me to His heights of Love. I find poetry in everything, and it thrills my heart to mold the stories and shape the songs that have waited forever to be told.

Cerdded gyda Iesu

Guest (not verified) says...


My son, a freshman in college, is INFP. He likes to thinking big questions, such as the meaning of life and love poetry. I am thinking about the Christmas gift for him and thought he may share the similar interest with you. Do you mind to recommend some books and poetry? Thanks!

Happy holidays,


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