Hi! I am new here, and it cannot define whether I am a Judger or a Perceiver, a Thinker or Feeler. Most other sites say I am an INFJ, so I'd say I am an INFJ. What do you think?


mven7 says...

Hi im an INFJ too. You probably are since we are so unique type. I was reading an artical the other day, it said that we can sometimes mistype your mbti. But idk, it that is true.

milesmo13 says...

Hello Laetitia,
May I suggest several options to you? Consider the other assessments which are provided free of charge on this site. You may want to take the Holland Code Career Test to assess your career interests and certainly your life goals. Then there is the Personal Strengths Inventory by Martin Seligman. Try these out and see how you measure. The results may provide you with a surprising discovery about yourself.

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