Olla i'am a infp. And first i am dutch so i am really sorry if my english is not so good.
I really love animals, so i was wondering does more infp have this? Is it a infp thing?
I hate school, like hate hate. Al the rules and routine and everybody is telling what you should do, ugh i dislike everything about school. And i have a few good friends so it's not that i am lonely or something like that(i am 15 btw).
Have other infp's the same problem? How do you think about school?
Often i have regret of things i said. Probaly it's just overthinking, but i really don't like it.
Like i thought i said something funny, but maybe they think it is a insult. So please do you have any solution.

Thank you very much for reading :))


Guest (not verified) says...

You'll get more freedom soon i.e. you'll choose your college classes, choose whether to stay in a dorm/apartment, etc. Most college kids put on 15 pounds of fat in their first year of college from eating lots of junk food too. Don't blow your chance for freedom later by squandering your education now: squandering your education now will result in you doing nothing but taking orders from your bosses and doing the most mundane work ever (like working the grill at fast food restaurants) for the rest of your life.

Anu (not verified) says...

I am an INFP too. I used to be like that too. I hated school like anything. Great that you have very good friends. But when I was about your age, it just happened that one by one everybody started deserting me, starting from my best friend. Well, that was ages ago. I didn't understand at that time. Then I realized I hated interacting too much and always loved hanging around with my thoughts with a book and a pen. I didn't like the rules too. I wanted freedom from the everyday routine.

Well, you have a whole life ahead of you so go, explore! You are unique! I personally think INFPs are great and I'm proud to be one! They are more creative and caring. And have fun no matter what! Who cares what others think about the funny thing you said. You had fun saying the funny thing- great! That is all that matters. :D

Butterfly (not verified) says...

Yeah I love animals and hated school with a passion.

My dog is the greatest animal on the planet, he is so good and I love spending time with him. My cousins tease me about how no one can say anything bad about my dog without me defending him.

I love learning but despised being given busy work like worksheets or other stuff intended not to teach but just to take up time. And the rules and the schedules. Where I grew up in USA the schools love to make up stupid rules that do nothing but frustrate people like you shirt has to cover 2 inches of your shoulders or you have to go home and change or if you don't turn in every stupid scrap of paper you will be punished. College gets better but nothing beats getting out of school and studying what you love on your own time. My advice on this is not to skip college just because you hate school now. If I had done that I would be a maid for some hotel right now I am a sleep lab tech, much better pay and better job all around.

I also over analyze what I've said especially if I speak in anger so I only do that if the subject is very important to me. I don't know what to do about it except try to forget and move on to something else. No one else is probably still thinking about what you said or how you said it. I will tell you a story I read once that helps me let things go. There were 2 monks walking along to the temple. On the route a bridge was out and they were going to have to wade across. There was a young woman on the road who did not want to get wet but needed to cross so the first the monk carried her. A few miles down the road the second monk told the first that he couldn't believe how the other guy let himself be taken advantage of like that and that he was not a ferry boat for random travelers. The first monk said "I put her down a long time ago, why are you still carrying her?" I sometimes ask myself why I am still carrying the conversation I had yesterday or last week when I should just put it down and move on.

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