So my group of friends are all crazy interested in the Meyer Briggs. Almost all of them have typed me as an ESFJ and I have always disagreed on this. I have taken numerous and various personality type tests and have gotten ESFJ once. With that being said, I have seemed to gotten something different almost every time, but every once in a while I would see ESFP reappear. Well, I really started to read the ESFP personality example and I really agree with it. I actually feel like this matches me. My point to this being, has anyone else had something similar? Thanks!


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Congrats! You're most likely an ESFP! It's ok, my friends thought I was an ESFJ at first, but you just have to trust yourself. I know for a fact that I'm an ESFP. Just tell your friends that they're wrong. People type each other wrong all the time.

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