Hello there!I just did the test about myself as a personality and found out that I am 100% an ENTJ. All the characteristical features typically matched me.Are there many women like me? I am trying to figure out what kind of a new career to start? Have no idea yet,cannot choose.Any suggestions? At the moment I work as a teacher but I am sick and tired of the disorganization and rule violation.


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Hi there fellow ENTJ woman here! New careers are always daunting, especially until you've got a plan to start progressing with. I'd suggest that you begin by working out what is important to you in your day to day routine - visualise your life from the morning to night and work out what you want. Do you want to get up early or late, and what time do you want to go to work, how will you get there? Do you want structure, or freedom, and what type of people do you work with? Do you want to work alone or with others? Additionally, what aspects of your current role (and any previous jobs) have you particularly enjoyed, and which bits haven't you enjoyed?

I'd use these questions to start thinking about what's important to you and move towards roles that fulfil what you'd like on a daily basis, and roles that include aspects of work that you've done before and that you know you'll enjoy. Then start strategising for the long term - where within a particular career path do you want to be in e.g. five years or so?

Good luck with the job hunt!

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