My husband is an INTJ and I'm an ENFP. Before I met him, I did not think I could really relate with guys past the initial couple dates. When we met, it was like a magnetic connection. I knew almost as soon as I met him that he was the one. We are so different, but the N brings us together, because we both love in depth intellectual conversations about ideas, theology, philosophy etc. Our differences keep our conversations engaging and interesting.


stephfluitt says...

That's awesome. I'm still searching for my soulmate, but now I know better what to look for. Even if we aren't personality "twins", we can relate on some shared levels.

Thanks, Stpehanie

Agnes Onu (not verified) says...

I know this is going to sound weird but soulmates don't always need to be the romantic type. My little sister is an ENFP and I'm an INTJ and our relationship suddenly made so much more sense once we were both tested. We compliment each other so well it's scary. When we fight it's a war zone but when we get along good luck separating us. It's funny our parents gave birth to our perfect match. Now all she needs to do or find an INTJ and she needs to find and ENFP but even if she doesn't we'll always have each other l. 

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