I'm just a hopeless romantic


popbumper1 says...

Yeah me too. Deal with it. There's no way around it. I'm a guy who cries at chick flicks. Sue me :P

Suzanna............ (not verified) says...

Yep. Same here. You're not alone. Since I'm a philosophical ENFP, I can easily pass off as an ENTP/INTP and that's exactly what I do... On purpose. It's just really, really embarrassing and I'm not even a guy. If people knew what a hopeless romantic I am, I wouldn't even want to know what would happen. It completely changes me from a fun, easy-going person to a passionate, selfless individual. I've been in a relationship with the most amazing guy in the world for a little over a year now, and it is my top priority in life (meaning it definitely takes precedence over my job, friends, family etc). He's an INFP, which I'm honestly quite grateful for. Truth be told, based on pretty much every diplomat I've ever met, ENFPs will probably be the most satisfied with another diplomat if their main relationship goal is 'true love', as completely cheesy as that sounds. But yeah, like the person above me said, just deal with it. There really is no way around it.

GemzL99 says...

Haha me too!

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