I read this forum a lot, and I feel grateful because it help me to figure out what kind of person I am.
I took a personality test a long time ago, and the result was INTP. But when I took the test a few days ago, my result was INFP.
After read the characteristic about INTP & INFP, I feel I 'm more like an INFP than INTP.
I'm 25 yo. And graduated from engineering 3 years ago. I was good back then.
But after I graduated, I feel this field doesn't suit me. At first I thought it would be fun, if I could be an engineer. But as the time goes by, and in that time, it was so hard to get a job. I end up not being a engineer. And it's different from my previous field study.
From time to time, I started to feel that this field (engineering) doesn't suit me. I try to figure it out, if this feeling just temporary (I easily to get bored). But it doesn't help. It still the same.
In my free time, I try various things that take a creativity to do it. I try to draw. And the result I always happy whenever I do it. And all activity that I do lately, it's about creativity/art.
Once in time, I saw my friends from college applied a job in the best oil company in here. And then, I start to questioning myself. Do you want that job? Are you want to be an engineer? Do you still want to be in this field?
I know, from the bottom of my heart I don't want to be in this field again.
I don't know where I should start from this point. I want to move. But I'm not that good in creativity field(art).
A years ago, I planned to get Master Degree in the same field study from I was. But I still don't take it until now. I'm afraid it would suit me well.
What should I do?


Guest (not verified) says...

First of all, don't be so hard on yourself, and give yourself some credit as an engineer. This is a huge accomplishment. Oil? I would use your education, and earn as much you can with it, whether you love it or not right now, to support future endeavors you may value more. Fact is, no one LOVES their jobs. I am an INTP and I recently made friends with an INFP. I read about INFP and it turns out according to MB, that you guys are often destined to be writers, so this could be why you are at odds with yourself. Did you know Tolkien was an INFP? Funny thing is, I'm a writer which is how I bumped into this INFP who forever and a day dreams of writing. I try to promote his writing dreams, and believe every person deserves happiness, but at the same time, you have to stay grounded. Maybe use this engineering career to fulfill other dreams, as many of us do. If you look up INFP its author author author everywhere. William Blake, John Milton, Virginia Woolf etc etc. Big names. My motto is - my job is my hobby and my hobby is my job. Follow your heart of course but life is also a balance and a decision you'll most likely have to make on your own. Fight passionately for what you want, but be realistic about it. By the way I write science fiction. I'm worldwide on Amazon. Fun stuff.

dunkie22 says...

I can appreciate your struggle. Here is my career path: Joined the army..ended up at West Point (military academy), did not like the people, so left. Always wanted, or so I thought, to be an officer like my father. After leaving West Point, I would read the papers to look at want ads and figure out what I wanted to be. All I knew is I wanted to help people. I went to a community college and studied psychology..love Humanistic psychology. Was looking for volunteer work and ended up at an institution for those with intellectual disabilities. I can remember knowing that I had found my calling. Got my degree and taught in an institution. Then became a cop (wanted action). Then I returned to teaching. Then I joined the Navy and served as a strategic weapons officer on ballistic missile submarines. I never did fit in and missed the part where I could do something to benefit people. Left that and returned to teaching. I felt as if I had never left and knew then, that was my calling. Life happens. Find what makes you happy. There is no timeline for your life. So, try things. If it doesn't work, try something else. But I believe you should have a basic understanding of your traits and what makes you happy so that you do not make the same mistakes as me.

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