So I recently took the personality test and found out I'm an INFJ-T (Literally changed my whole world when I read the results). 

According to the outcome: I am 59% Introverted, 64% Intuitive, 58% Feeling, 69% Judging, 62% Turbulent

I'm in my final year of University and I'm studying Fashion (On the business/management side) so no physical design and patternmaking. I love fashion, I love using creativity and brainstorming ideas for branding, marketing, etc. I love this whole freedom of expression...

But after some reflecting over the summer, I realise that the Fashion industry probably isn't for me... I realised (from internship and group work) that there's so much ego, snobiness and competition. I really don't want to be stuck in some massive chain either where I feel like I'm not being awarded or noticed enough because when I do work or help someone, I really put in a lot of effort. Not to mention, I'm extremely critical of management of a company. From my internship I've noticed that if the people above me are not as efficient to my level (Tardiness, late responses, unclear instruction, etc) or even criticise me without some decency, it frustrates me and demotivates me do to work for them. 

I just don't know what I want to do after I graduate, I feel extremely stuck and a bit lost. I like the idea of being my own boss but I don't think I'm confident enough and not sure how to even achieve that. 

I'm probably just rumbling, but in my head I feel lost. 


Jason says...

I’m an INFJ in my 40s. I understand the struggle! My career is just beginning to feel under my control. My degree is in psychology, but I never pursued a career in it. Instead, I ended up in software engineering. My first 10 years were rocky. I find it easy to notice organizational dysfunction, and easy to come up with solutions to fix it, and nearly impossible to convince anyone that I know what I’m talking about in this regard. The second 10 years I was in business for myself, which was a little better but I still often fell short of a positive experience. I recently rejoined the world of working for someone else, and using the knowledge of personality typology, I’ve finally found my zen.



I realized that I was too caught up in my introverted intuition. It can be a powerful tool or a major distraction. To make it a powerful tool, the secret is too put focus on your extroverted feeling, allowing it to inform your introverted intuition. Instead of getting overwhelmed and frustrated with dysfunctional people, get to know them. Use your people reading skills to understand them and connect with them, earn their trust and respect by demonstrating that you understand and accept them. If you do this with enough people, they do begin to respect the gifts you have to offer, and then you begin to have the influence your gifts deserve to have.





So, in short, the secret to INFJ peace of mind in the workplace, or any social place, is to put intentional focus on extroverted feeling and connect with people. Let the ideas flow regarding this, but keep focused on connecting with people. Be patient with offering solutions to problems — wait until you’ve earned trust and respcet.



Amanda V (not verified) says...

Hi, I completely understand how you feel. Don’t give up on your dream to create. Find another way so that you don’t have to deal with egos. Or limit your exposure as much as possible, like working from home. There are so many create fashion-related outlets and with a business degree you will do well. Even an online presence/blog could make you very successful, while still having creative control over your life. Hope this helps!

Charis Murrey (not verified) says...

I think you're going to have many of those same problems in any job field you enter. I'm not saying that leaving your job field was a mistake, but do what you're good at and ignore the snobs and bad management. Be a good example of integrity and goodness to others. Don't be swayed by the evil around you, but be a light to the world.

Jodie S (not verified) says...

Hi. I am a fellow INFJ and I can sympathise with you and your feelings about your future career . I sense that you picture the future in a negative form a bit too often and you would benefit from opening up your visions to include possibilities that you are not expecting. You may well face some of the negatives that you talk about but there may well also be a lot to learn from going into the career you initially thought of. You never know...maybe you will be a force for with your own strengths and learn to find those people who are on the same page as you. Maybe after a few years you will have the confidence and contacts to start toward your own business . Good luck .

Charis Murrey (not verified) says...

Thanks, I do have problems with being a bit negative. There are a lot of possibilities, which is my problem! I have too much that I am interested in and that I can do. I have trouble choosing, but I think I will either go into acting or Forensics anthropology or both and hope that I can make a real difference in whatever field I go into. I feel bad about some of my interests because I think of all the people that need help and feel like I should choose a career that helps them despite me not being as interested in that field.

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