So I know I'm not the best at telling stories (even though I'd like to think I am). I skip over important parts, leave out detail, go over TOO much detail, etc. I know that sometimes when I get overly excited telling a story, I have to pause more or actually think about what I'm going to say rather than just saying it because I'm thinking faster than I'm talking or I'm telling part of the story in my head and rest through my mouth. A co-worker once pointed this out and said "it's like your brain is buffering while you talk." I'd never thought of it that way till she said it but it describes it perfectly.

Does any other INFJ have this same problem?


S33K3R says...

I do that too! But my brain just kind of glitches lol I will say words wrong and everything. It used to embarrass me but now I just consider that as me. When I start glitching out I usually stop take a deep breath smile and move on. 

pixie says...

Yep me too.. all the time


Glendora Whitlow Johnson (not verified) says...

Yes, I to do this, why? I have no idea.

Valerie Plafcan (not verified) says...

I do the exact same thing. so frustrating.



Jenny N (not verified) says...

Me too, for sure!

Kirsten Marie (not verified) says...

What a relief to know it's not just me! I'm terrible at telling storie or jokes and have been since I was little. My mind goes faster than my words for sure! I briefly tell part of the joke and go straight to the punch line. It goes better if I bring up a story or such and pass it off to my husband. He's so great at holding their attention and I just lose everyone. Many times after leaving an event where I've interacted with groups of people with too many short conversations, I realize I've most likely left people confused. I'm not so good at summarizing my thoughts vernlably. I have to circle back often times and clarify what I meant. 

Neutrino (not verified) says...

Me too, I can't tell a story very well. It's so much easier to write than it is to talk, isn't it? And small talk, how painful! I'd really rather have a tooth pulled than try to make small talk, especially since I wouldn't have to talk at all while the dentist is at it. Talking one-on-one with someone who wants to gossip or small-talk (i.e., not talking about interesting ideas), yuck.  I don't think less of anybody else if this is how they like to bond, it just isn't for me.  It makes my brain hurt.  I like best being in a group of about 6 because I can just hang out and let everybody else talk, and not be obligated to pay close attention so I can demonstrate interest in the other person by the nature of my replies and other mouth noises. Before the end of the evening/get together/whatever, usually every single person in that group has expressed concern about me because I just sit there chilling - unless somebody brings up something that I really do have an opinion about, and then everybody's jaws drop because the person they thought was asleep in the corner has suddenly turned into a motormouth on a 20-minute tirade and nobody else could get a word in even if they have recovered from their shock. Sometimes I think the only time I can construct a coherent spoken sentence all the way to end is when I'm on a rant about what I think is wrong with the world.

I knew somebody once who said people fall into 3 categories:

1. Who/What: the social people, who like to know what other people are doing and remember a lot of detail about other people, some may be quite materialistic and acquisitive. I think probably most politicians are like this.

2. Where/When: the people who like to be busy getting things done, who like working on tasks. It's like their engine can run on just a little bit of appreciation and positive feedback, and off they buzz busily away.

3. Why/How: the people who love ideas, who want to know why are things they way they are, who like to analyze situations and, with that knowledge in hand, determine the best courses of action to reach a goal.

While I don't think you can pigeonhole people into categories, I do think people have characteristics that describe them. Like, you might be mostly type 3 but have a lot of type 2 in you also. And which type to do you think best describes most INFJs? I think it might be type 3.

I also think most political leaders have mostly type 1 characteristics because of the nature of the political process, but I'm not so sure that makes them most fit to lead.

Ninana (not verified) says...

:D Same here... I think it has a lot to do with associative thinking.

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