Hi, my personality is ISTJ and I want someone to help to choose the best college major for ISTJ or to tell me his/her experience.


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My dad is the definition of ISTJ, and an amazing general practice physician. I personally am an INTJ also studying medicine, we are very similar but the S and N become very apparent when discussing medicine as he has years of experience and draws on that, while I love to as he puts it "look for zebras". In his fairness, he is usually right as I am just entering the field and have much more interest in research in new medicine, while he is well-known for being a great doctor that his patients love. He never leaves a patient chart unfinished, can thrive in an atmosphere with very strict regulations (HIPAA, etc.) with ease due to his natural organization, and likes the clear hierarchy of the medical field.

"They are logical and methodical, and often enjoy tasks that require them to use step-by-step reasoning to solve a problem. They are meticulous in their attention to details, and examine things closely to be sure they are correct. With their straightforward logic and orientation to detail, ISTJs work systematically to bring order to their own small parts of the world."

This passage to me says it all. A career in medicine, specifically family practice, where there aren't too many "zebras" and continually helping people through skill and logic rather than just straight compassion like nursing, worked well for him. Consider medicine!

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Hi ! I'm an ISTJ and now i'm studying civil engineering in college. 

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