I took one test, and got two different results. I'm classified as INFJ and INTJ; the latter of which apparently being rare, because I'm female.

I found it completely fascinating to read this, and validating in some way, because for most of my life, I feel I've been battling two opposite sides of myself. One is submissive, easygoing, creative, introverted, artistic. The other is analytical, independent, logical, complex, and direct.

I often feel that I can switch rapidly between the two different sides, even in mid-sentence. Some moments I appear, for lack of a better word, cold. I have a vivid imagination, but I tend to keep one foot planted firmly in reality.

I jokingly refer to myself as an idealistic realist, because I have this inner dialogue that reads like:

"Beautiful things really CAN happen! But they probably won't."

I'm very empathetic, and I actually work in one of the fields suggested for INFJ types. But I'm also a problem solver, so while I can listen to your plights and feel strongly for you, I'll also have practical ideas of how to manage the situation.

I'm curious if there are any other mixed personality types out there, and what their situations are like.


lexie.white says...

I'm also a mix between F and T - I fluctuate between INFP and INTP. However what it really comes down to is your cognitive functions. The main difference between INFJ and INTJ is that INTJs have extroverted thinking, meaning they are very organized and disciplined, scheduled one might say. INFJs on the other hand exhibit extroverted feeling, which essentially means you want to maintain group harmony and are want to meet the needs of your peers and others. INTJs then have auxiliary introverted feeling, which means they would rather stay true to their own internal morals rather than conform to a group setting. INFJs on the other hand have auxiliary introverted thinking which is mainly concerned with objective analysis stemming from an internalized set logical framework.
Don't know if this helped, but I suggest you research the cognitive functions behind MBTI because it's what helped me to determine that I'm actually just an INTP with well developed extroverted feeling (it being my inferior function and therefore making me seem more like a feeler type when I'm actually now)

sewhappy2spin says...

Well, I am an INFJ married for 25 years to an INTJ. I consider myself more organized and more of a planner by far than my DH. He leans heavily in the T area, while I am very people/relationship oriented. BUT, I've also been told I'm analytical and I am generally a really good problem solver--and often can come up with creative solutions that others don't see until I point out why/how it will work. The F side is more about how I deal with people and their emotions I think. My DH doesn't get stressed out by conflict, while conflict really is difficult for me and I avoid it as much as possible. I wish I handled conflict better, but I'm really good with reading people. I'm also good at drawing people out. My DH as a T often solves complex programming problems in his sleep! I swear, he will be super frustrated working through a difficult problem to solve, and then will often wake up and he can make complex programming solutions happen. Things that make my mind spin--although I often hear all about them, because as much as my DH might be considered quiet by others, with me the man won't shut up! Good thing I like him.

Also, I sometimes just 'know' things, and I can't explain it. Sometimes I know that someone is not a good person--and others think they are the best thing. An example was when I was a church secretary. I was lowest person rank wise, and when a new pastor was chosen, I knew he was bad news. I didn't want him to be hired, but I wasn't important enough to be listened to. Low and behold he was very bad news--affairs with the youth pastors wife (ongoing--he moved them to the new church to continue the affair, etc) Sometimes I have weird feelings of deja vu. No idea why, and i can't command it either, so I don't consider myself psychic, but I do trust my intuition about people and situations. I am often right, so I've learned to trust it.

I'm personally very diplomatic and often good with difficult people--maybe that is more from the E side. I get my energy from downtime, but I'm not shy and can deal with people. Most people think I'm an extrovert--but I hate large parties, and really would rather be at home working on creative pursuits and spending time with my family or a few close friends. I find myself staying up late at night to get the quiet time I need as well.

I'm certainly independent--but I think that goes with INFJ--not sure the T makes a difference here. I think INFJ's are known to be very complex--there are actually many similarities between INFJ and INTJ--and remember we are all at different levels, and may use different parts of our personality in different situations. I probably lean closer to center between I/E, but I'm heavy into J--I love to PLAN things. I prefer my life organized, and yet I love art and creativity. Also, I didn't believe my kids should be on a rigid schedule, breast fed on demand, etc, which seems to be much more P in nature, so who knows!

The things that make you wonder about being more on the T side rather than F are things that I see in myself, and yet I don't think I lean as heavily T. I mean, I think about things a lot, and I can be very analytical, but if I have to make a decision I will think about how it will affect those around me, and take that heavily into consideration.

Guest (not verified) says...

I can relate! I am a 14 year old girl and am either INTJ or INFJ. Sometimes, I rely on my emotions, and follow my feelings. Other times I am logical and follow facts. I love writing and art, but also math and science.

Brokefancy says...

I'm a female ENFP and an ISFP (I think).

I scarily relate to your post.

I have no idea what this means though lol :/

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