Introverted Extraverts take the best parts of both extremes and find a happy place in the middle. They are Extraverts on their 16-type profile, but also have some traits that make them more introverted than their more outgoing peers. 

They are also much more common than you think. 

Read on for a full breakdown of what is an Introverted Extravert, and signs you might be one.

What is an Introverted Extravert?

An Introverted Extravert is someone who has an Extravert personality (types as E on the Typefinder test) but also has some introverted traits. This personality type enjoys being around people and thrives off of social interaction, but crucially, they’re also happy to spend time alone.

If you’re wondering what is an Introverted Extravert, the first thing you need to know is there’s no black and white divide between Introverts and Extraverts. Personality type is a spectrum and it’s common to find people who share both introverted and extraverted traits. Unlike an Ambivert, however, Introverted Extraverts are predominantly Extraverts. The dominant part of their personality is Extraverted, they just have some parts of themselves that lean towards introversion.

Extraverted types like ENTPs can often come across as more insular and less social than other Extravert types. They might spend more time in their own heads and are happy to take a backseat in different social situations.

Think you might be an Introverted Extravert? Here are 6 signs to look out for. 

1. You’re happy to spend time home alone

Being an Introverted Extravert means that you generally enjoy your own space as much as you like being with others. 

As an Introverted Extravert, you probably celebrate when you get the chance to spend a night on your own. Maybe you blow off plans to spend time on the sofa or you keep your Sunday clear so you can go and read your book in quiet solitude.

If this sounds like you, it’s a clear sign that you’re an Introverted Extravert. You get a buzz from hanging out with friends and meeting new people… but you also love your own company too.

2. You need to gear yourself up for social situations

Picture the scene - you’re going to meet your best friend and they tell you the plan has changed and you’re actually going to a party with a big group of people you’ve never met before. How do you feel?

If part of you stops, sighs and then has to remind yourself that “it’ll be fun when you get there,” you’re probably an Introverted Extravert! If you’re wondering what is an Introverted Extravert, try and think of all the times that your friends have changed your plans last minute. If you have to gear yourself up for new social situations that you weren’t expecting, then you probably fit this personality type.

3. Sometimes you need convincing to go out

What is an Introverted Extravert? It’s an Extravert who doesn’t immediately jump at the idea of going out on a Saturday night!

If you find your friends having to beg you to come out with them or your partner doing the hard sell on an event they’ve been invited to, you’re probably an Introverted Extravert. Introverted Extraverts like the idea of staying in as much as they like going out. Sometimes they’re the first ones making plans, but other times they have zero urge to be sociable. Sound familiar?

4. People might think you’re quiet

Do you ever get surprised by someone describing you as quiet? Usually it’ll be a new acquaintance who hasn’t got to know you yet. Their first impression is probably that you’re an Introvert…

The truth is, in many scenarios you’re happy to listen and observe the conversation as much as you like to participate. Sometimes you just enjoy being in the company of others, but you don’t necessarily need to take part in the discussion. This means that you can come across as quiet, especially in a big group.

If you’re had someone make this observation about you, it’s a good sign that you’re an Introverted Extravert.

5. You switch roles regularly

Another sign that you might be an Introverted Extravert is if you find yourself switching roles in your social circles.

In the same way that people might think you’re quiet, in other social situations you might be the loud one or the person who always takes charge. It’s common for you to switch roles depending on your mood. Every day can be different for you. 

What is an Introverted Extravert? It’s someone who is comfortable being themselves in a group. Some days they’re the life of the party, other days they’re the quiet person in the corner. This can sometimes lead people to get confused by your moods, but it’s just who you are!

6. You find socializing both energizing and draining

Something that sets Introverted Extraverts apart from other extraverted personality types is their tendency to find social situations draining as much as they find them fun.

A great example of this is when you’re meeting new people. Whether it’s a networking event, house party or Christmas lunch, you might be an Introverted Extravert if you find yourself standing in the bathroom taking a breather after you’ve been talking for too long. 

For Introverted Extraverts, being a social butterfly can be really entertaining but it’s also tiring. You can sometimes feel like you’re playing a part in a crowd of new people. 

As an Extravert, you find it easy to ‘work the room’ and win people over but it takes a lot of energy to keep it going for too long. This is the Introverted side of your personality coming through. You love being sociable and you know you’re good at it but it takes work! 

Can you relate to this? This is a really good example to bear in mind if you’re still wondering what is an Introverted Extravert. 

Ready to learn more about what is an Introverted Extravert?

We’ve covered 6 clear signs that you’re an Introverted Extravert. If you want to learn more about what is an Introverted Extravert and whether you fit this personality type, take the test and see where you land on the spectrum.

Elizabeth Harris
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