INFPs, Here’s How You Can Break Your Quitting Habit

INFPs often enter new ventures filled with excitement and anticipation. They convince themselves that this new job/relationship/course/volunteer opportunity/hobby will bring them the happiness and fulfillment they’ve been seeking.

Driven by idealism, high expectations, and energetic enthusiasm, they come in with their hearts and minds open—only to have their hopes dashed when their goals prove more difficult to reach than they imagined. Or when the people they’re involved with, or work with, or try to collaborate with, offer resistance instead of cooperation.

6 Activities that will Help Enneagram Type 8s Instantly Relieve Stress

For Enneagram Type 8s, it can be difficult to recognize when stress levels are rising. Type 8s pride themselves on always being in control so this personality type can find it hard to accept when things in their life are getting out of hand. 

This personality trait means that Enneagram Type 8s really benefit from stress-relieving activities.  Here are 6 ideas to help relieve stress instantly, so you can stay on top form while keeping your mind and body healthy.

Back to Work Survey: Introverts, Women and Non-Management Employees May Dread Going Back to the Office — While Leadership and Extraverts are Raring to Go

With vaccine rates increasing and a post-pandemic reality on the horizon, we wondered, “How are workers really feeling about going back to the office?” Turns out, it depends very much on who you ask.

In April 2021, Truity surveyed 3,244 people who have returned or are returning to the office after a period of remote work. The results uncovered some big gulfs about how employees feel about bringing back in-person meetings, fluorescent lighting and pants with zippers. 

How Personality Type Stacks the Deck in Criminal and Civil Trials

I was a jury consultant for 30 years. My primary job was to help trial attorneys determine if prospective jurors had innate predispositions that would bias them against our case.

I’ve worked on many high-profile trials over the years, including that of Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s first physician-assisted suicide trial. I’d like to share with you what I’ve seen and learned.

Five Ways that INFJs Defy Their Stereotype

In the world of typology, there are myths associated with each of the Myers and Briggs personalities. But one type in particular seems to get the most attention: the INFJ. Known as the rarest of all 16 types, INFJs are described as unique and mysterious. Some online sources go a step further and create a whole idealized narrative around the INFJ—making them sound far from human, which can lead to endless misconceptions. 

The Best At-Home Workout Routine, Based on Your Enneagram Type

We have a wide spectrum of options when it comes working out at home, but people are different and not every exercise regimen is going to work for every individual. The Enneagram gives us a great map to understand our habit of attention and to use that knowledge to find a workout routine that will really work for each of us. Below we offer you the best at-home workout, based on your Enneagram type.

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