Recession-Proof Jobs for Your Personality Type

With news about the economy growing more dire each day, you may be wondering how well your job will fare in a recession. Some industries have already been hit hard: real estate agents, mortgage lenders, construction workers, and others in the housing industry are likely to be searching for their next move.

If you're concerned about your job's susceptibility to an economic downturn, you might begin searching for similar positions in an industry that will remain strong in a recession. It's best not to try to start a completely new career in a down economy, but there may be recession-proof careers you haven't considered.

Following is a listing of the top recession-resistant industries and careers, according to John A. Challenger, chief executive officer of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, an outplacement consulting firm, as quoted in an interview with Although any personality type can find success in any line of work, I've also included some notes on which personality types are most likely to be satisfied with each field.

Education: Teachers, administrators, and educational materials sales. The number of students in school is increasing as more teachers are retiring, creating a demand for educators as well as those that support the industry. Teachers and education administrators are often Extraverted Feeling types; ESFJ, ENFJ, ISFJ, INFJ, ESFP, and ENFP are the types most commonly found working in education.

Energy and the environmental sector: Engineers, scientists, technicians, and support staff. A large percentage of the workforce in the oil industry is heading for retirement, just as demand for alternative energy creates new opportunities. Engineers and scientists are often Intuitive Thinking types, particularly INTJ, INTP, and ENTP. ISTPs and ESTPs are often attracted to hands-on, technical professions. However, this field is by no means limited to the scientifically inclined; large energy companies have a need for workers of every inclination, from managerial to administrative. ISTJ, ESTJ, and ENTJ types in particular might find managerial positions in this field satisfying.

Health care: Nurses, physician assistants, medical assistants, physical therapists, home health aides, and health information technicians. No matter where the stock market goes, the age of our population is headed steadily upward, creating a huge demand for workers in all areas of health care. Direct care jobs such as nursing are most often chosen by Sensing Feelers, particularly ISFJ, ISFP, ESFP, and ESFJ types. Jobs in the technical and administrative side of health care are more apt to attract ISTJ, ISTP, and ESTJ types.

Security: transportation security, peace officers, immigration officers, and computer programmers. Heightened security concerns have created a demand for tens of thousands of jobs with the U.S. government. Work in security is most likely to appeal to Sensing Thinkers, in particular ISTJ, ISFP, ISTP, ESTP, and ESTJ types. A career in information security as a computer specialist would likely appeal to INTJs, INTPs, and ISTPs.


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Guest (not verified) says...

You forgot the infps in this article!

Punkin (not verified) says...

Yeah ;-;
I was looking in for something to give me hope or smth, and I didn't see INFP from skimming. I used the find tool and only 3, none in the article. Feels bad, man.

Kitty Love (not verified) says...

Me in the music field like: 👀 (I'm an istp by the way)

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