Have you ever found yourself captivated by ghost stories whispered around a roaring campfire, or eagerly watching horror movies in a darkened room on Halloween? Ever pondered why our minds are inexplicably drawn towards the macabre?

Journey with us as we explore the allure of fear and darkness that we can't always rationalize, all through the lens of your Enneagram type.

Type One and the pull of intuition 

Ones are an Enneagram type with powerful gut instincts. As a One, you might enjoy the macabre because you react strongly to your environment, and seeing what it brings out of your intuition is fun. Can your spidey senses help you figure out who killed the victim in the true-crime Netflix series you’re watching? Challenge accepted!

Also, since Ones can be hard on themselves, escaping in a bit of scary stuff can help you de-stress by redirecting your fears. When you grab a bowl of popcorn and watch a serial killer flick, you can worry about who the killer’s going after next instead of worrying that you’re going to make a terrifying mistake at work. 

Type Two and the exploration of darker traits 

Type Two, “The Giver” of the Enneagram, is loving, generous and warm. But as research by Wake Forest University has found, we all have a darker side. And it’s healthy to explore the murkier personality traits that can get in our way.

For Twos, celebrating the macabre at Halloween is the perfect time to explore your manipulative side, or the rage you feel when people take, take, take from you and don’t give anything back. So, find a costume that lets you play the bad guy or girl and revel in it. Don't worry; it’s all in good fun!

Type Three and escapism 

Threes value achievement. They always have five-year plans on the go and strive to reach the highest success they can. Threes love experiencing new things that boost their confidence – and that’s where the macabre comes in.

Experiencing a scary situation when you know nothing bad can happen to you, like when watching a psychological thriller movie, might be terrifying but you're in control. You can confidently shout at the characters not to go outside to find the source of the creepy noise from your armchair. Whether it's strolling through Dracula Castle during a trip to Romania or watching a gory horror movie at home, it's all about the adrenaline rush of escapism for Threes.  

Type Four and revealing your secret inner self

As a Four, you are known for being one of the most intense personality types. You feel emotions strongly and strive for greater self-expression. You're likely to get into the Halloween spirit by having the most unusual Halloween creature costume  or setting up the most elaborate haunted house on the block.

Fours also have a secret self that they try to hide from the world. At the same time, they’re hoping to connect with someone who understands them. Halloween is the perfect time to connect with other darklings, bonding over your love of being scared together. Research by Harvard Business Review has found that when you watch a horror movie with someone, your body releases oxytocin, which helps you to create stronger bonds with them. 

Type Five and curiosity 

Fives are drawn to the macabre because it’s filled with the unknown. You can’t explain those paranormal or ghostly experiences you hear about, but you’re intrigued by them, even if they make you want to sleep with the lights on!

Fives are curious and highly observant. If you’re a Five, you’ll know how much you love to gain a deeper knowledge of the world and perhaps the mystical, too. That's what keeps you hooked on all those true crime documentaries, even if they give you nightmares. You love Halloween because you get to wear a funny costume, eat candy, and not have to explain to your roommates why you’re binge-watching true crime again.

Type Six and prepping for the apocalypse 

It’s human nature to want to monitor our environment for potential risks. For some people, hearing scary stories about people’s worst fears coming true or exploring worst-case scenarios can be oddly comforting. If you’re a Six, you’re hardwired to crave security and keep yourself safe. You try to predict bad things that will happen so that you can prepare yourself.

As a Six, you love Halloween because it's a celebration of all your worst-case scenarios coming to life and gives you an excuse to plan for them. What will you do in a zombie apocalypse? How will you survive a catastrophic asteroid impact? Now’s your time to think about it (and maybe have a proper plan in place). 

Type Seven and thrill-seeking

Research has found that people who have a greater need for thrill and excitement will seek out horror-related experiences more than those who don’t. Gory, creepy stories can be thrilling, even if they’re scary. Now, let's talk about Sevens, the thrill-seekers of the Enneagram.

Sevens are like the daredevil hero of a horror movie who doesn't bat an eyelid when things take a turn for the gory. They chase the adrenaline rush in all that they do, and Halloween is just another opportunity for Sevens to embrace the terror and excitement. Buckle up, Sevens, and enjoy the ride! 

Type Eight and adrenaline rushes 

If you’ve ever felt your heart rate increasing or your palms getting sweatier when you’ve walked through a haunted house at night, you’ll know that exploring the macabre can give you a bit of an adrenaline rush. For some people, this can be upsetting, but Eights thrive on it. In fact, they can become addicted to adrenaline, and that’s why Halloween can be so enjoyable for them.

For Eights, Halloween is the night you get to push yourself to the limits of fear in a safe environment. There's actually science behind why people (and Eights in particular) like to do this – it's because this kind of recreational fear can teach us to face real-life scary situations with greater mastery and control. For Eights, Halloween is not about being afraid, but rather feeling powerful and in charge.

Type Nine and running away from the dark

Nines are the Enneagram type with a lot of empathy. If you like the dangling spider decorations that crop up around Halloween, but only dip your toes into the darker aspects of the holiday, your empathy could be why.

Research published in Frontiers in Psychology found that people with lower levels of empathy tended to enjoy horror movies, whereas people with higher empathy levels experienced more negative effects afterward, even if there was a good resolution in the movie. For you, it's better to skip the slasher movies and keep things light by baking witch-finger cookies for the trick-or-treaters or having a mellow party at home. That way, you’ll be doing something fun for others without freaking yourself out too much.

So whether you're a thrill-seeking Seven or an empathetic Nine, there's a reason you're drawn to the macabre. Embrace your inner Halloween spirit and enjoy the spooky season, no matter what your Enneagram type may be!

Giulia Thompson

Giulia Thompson is an Italian-South African freelance writer and editor with several years of experience in print and online media. She lives in a small town in South Africa with her husband and three cats. She loves reading, writing, and watching thrillers. As an Enneagram Type 4, she’s creative and loves surrounding herself with beauty.