Being an Enneagram 8 comes with a huge range of benefits and challenges. This personality type is self-assured, driven and loyal. On the flip side, they can also struggle with people seeing them as too assertive, too direct and sometimes intimidating.

This combination of traits isn’t always easy for women. While men may not worry about being seen as bossy or aggressive, women typically find it harder to flourish when they exhibit these traits. And that can be hurtful, especially when you know that people are overlooking some of the more lovely aspects of being a Type 8. 

Here are 8 traits of the Enneagram 8 female - both the good and the bad!

1. You’re driven and ambitious

A key trait of every Enneagram 8 female is goal-setting. You set targets for yourself and you work hard to reach them. Both at work and at home, you believe in making your own luck. No one else is going to give it to you, you have to go out and get it!

When you have your eye on the prize, you’re unstoppable. You get energized by working hard to reach your goals and you get a huge buzz from your accomplishments. As an Enneagram 8 female, you’re your own biggest cheerleader and you know how to celebrate your wins.

2. People can find you intimidating

The flip side of your ambition and strength is that not everyone can relate to you. As an Enneagram 8 female, not everyone is ready for your level of self-confidence. Enneagram 8s are big characters and they can be too much for some people.

As a direct, assertive and single-minded Eight, some people will feel threatened or overwhelmed by your personality. You have an inner steel that people might not understand, especially when you don’t fit into their ideas of femininity. Surround yourself with people who celebrate and support these parts of your personality rather than shy away from them.

3. You’re fiercely loyal

As an Enneagram 8 female, you’ve probably learnt that loyalty is one of the strongest characteristics in all your relationships. The people you care about are at the center of your world and you know you would do anything for them. You love lifting them up during their highs and you’re always there to help them during their lows.

Loyalty comes naturally to you. Maybe the only time you realized you were loyal was when someone showed you they were not. This would come as a surprise to the Enneagram 8 female, who might assume that everyone thinks, feels and acts like them. It goes without saying that for Eights, once that loyalty is betrayed, it’s gone forever.

4. You hate being told what to do

Something Enneagram 8 females aren’t great at is being told what to do - especially when it comes from someone whom they don’t respect. In the Enneagram 8 world, respect is earned and until that time comes, you can’t tell them anything.

This means Enneagram 8 females will often seek out environments where they can be their own boss. Any situation where they’re forced to suck it up and follow orders is not going to lead to happiness. It’s probably going to end in confrontation!

5. You’ve learnt how to manage your anger

From an early age, you probably realized that you get angry and frustrated quickly. You might’ve had outbursts that felt like they were uncontrollable and primal. Over time, Enneagram 8 females learn how to harness this anger.

These traits are common to all Enneagram 8s but you might have found that the people around you were less tolerant of you showing aggression compared to the boys and men you grew up with. This is something that many Enneagram 8 females have to navigate. Eventually you find a way to be true to yourself without letting your anger take over. You let that anger lead to action rather than aggression.

6. You always take the lead

If you’re an Enneagram 8 female, you’ve probably been a leader since you were in preschool. You might’ve been called bossy by your peers and struggled with this side of your personality but you’ve come to appreciate it. 

Your self-assured nature means that you don’t shy away from leadership responsibilities. This is one of your defining traits and something you can harness for the benefit of yourself and others. You know how to bring people together and get them excited about your collective goal. 

7. You stand up for people who need it

One of the most powerful traits of the Enneagram 8 female is your sense of justice. You are extremely protective of others. You stand up for people who need help and you don’t let anything stop you. 

As an Enneagram 8 female, you will always take action when you see friends, family or strangers in need. Maybe you’ve stepped in to stop a bully or helped a stranger dealing with harassment. If you think back over your life there’s probably no end of examples you can think of. You can be extremely fierce when you want to be. One thing to know about an Enneagram 8 female - she will act when she sees someone who needs help.

8. You will create a life that you love

The joy of being an Enneagram 8 female is that you know you have the power to create the life you want. Your energy, enthusiasm and commitment allows you to build an environment around you that fits your needs. Both at work and at home, you know how to surround yourself with amazing people and lean into the best parts of your personality.

While the life of an Enneagram 8 female is not without its challenges, it also offers a huge amount of opportunities to connect with others, achieve your goals and find happiness. 

Are you an Enneagram 8 female?

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Elizabeth Harris
Elizabeth is a freelance writer and ghostwriter. She’s an anthropologist at heart and loves using social theory to get deeper into the topics she writes about. Born in the UK, Elizabeth has lived in Copenhagen, Frankfurt and Dubai before moving most recently to Budapest, Hungary. She’s an ENTJ with ENFJ leanings. Find out more about her work at