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17 Ideas for the Introvert’s Ultimate Summer Bucket List

Summertime is here! If you’re an Introvert who wants to make the most of the beautiful sunny weather, you’ll want to plan ahead for all your must-do activities. From beach going to poolside hangouts, there’s plenty to do to cool down and relax. And if you’re hoping to squeeze in some time with your closest friends, you don’t have to do activities that are too demanding.

Here are 17 ideas for the Introvert’s ultimate summer bucket list.

7 Career Struggles You’ll Relate to if You’re an Enneagram 4

If you’re an Enneagram Type 4, you’re all about standing out. When it comes to your career, a day job might not fulfill you unless it’s a creative, uncommon job that sets you aside from others. But whether a Type 4 has carved out a unique career path for themself or is working in a more common occupation, they’ll experience some trials.

Here are some relatable career struggles you’ll recognize if you’re an Enneagram Type 4.

The One Productivity Boosting Habit That Will Improve Your Day, By Enneagram Type

It can be hard to change your day-to-day schedule with a hectic lifestyle, but sometimes all you need is a little push to make your day better. To start improving your day in a simple, effective way, you can incorporate one new habit and see a big difference. To find an easy habit you can start practicing right away, why not look at your personality type? 

Here, we’re using Enneagram types to figure out your perfect productivity-boosting habit. They are guaranteed to improve your mood and your day! 

What to Get your Dad for Father’s Day, By Personality Type

Finding the perfect gift for the dad or father figure in your life can sometimes feel like a gargantuan task. But choosing a gift doesn’t have to be hard! Try incorporating his personality type to help you narrow down his interests.

Here’s a guide to the best Father’s Day gifts for your father, based on his personality type. 


If your dad is a “Healer” type, find a gift for his artistic, caring soul. For example, you may pick a group activity with his loved ones or a fun item he can use to enjoy some solitude. 

What to Do When an Introvert Ignores You

Some people find their introverted friends enigmatic—and even if you’re an Introvert, seeing eye-to-eye with your fellow Introverts isn’t always a clear-cut process. Since Introverts experience a wide range of distractions in their lives, both in their inner world and the overwhelming stimuli of the outside world, it’s hard to be sure if their lack of response is purposeful. So what do you do when an Introvert ignores you?

What is a Highly Sensitive Person?

If you’ve ever wondered if you’re more sensitive than others around you, you might be a highly sensitive person (HSP). But what is a highly sensitive person? Although it’s easy to assume that a HSP experiences a greater reaction to sad situations and criticism, and is therefore more prone to stress and overwhelm, what makes someone an HSP goes much deeper than that. There’s biology involved, as well as personality science, which explains why HSPs respond differently to others and may face different challenges. 

Let’s take a deeper look.

Here’s Why You May Need a Career Coach

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect career for you, but your options look like unappealing, poor matches, you shouldn’t feel too discouraged. It takes time to find the best career match, and sometimes you need to dig deep to get there. Whether you’ve been on this journey for some time or have recently decided to pursue finding your ultimate job match, you don’t have to do it alone. 

Road Trip Must Haves for Each Personality Type

Whether you’ve already got a trip planned or you’re thinking about joining the ranks of others who are making the most of domestic travel in 2022, taking a road trip might be one of the most appealing ways to get out and explore after being cooped up for the last couple of years. Plus, a road trip has plenty to offer without worrying about embarking on an international trip. 

How to Have the Perfect Road Trip as an Introvert

Few people hail Introverts for their adventurous nature, but despite popular opinions, they may be just as adventurous as their extraverted friends! It’s just harder to spot as the Introvert needs more time between big adventures to unwind and recharge. Rather than being constantly on the go, many Introverts prefer planning over spontaneity so they can build little oases of calm into their itinerary, and most will enjoy spending time in a small group rather than a large one.


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