Is Personality the Reason Why American Politics is So Polarized? New Research Says Yes!

Imagine you are walking down hotel row in a large city. On the right side is a Marriott hosting a convention of 1,000 members of the American Psychological Association. Directly across the street at the Hilton, 1,000 plumbers have gathered for the annual meeting of the American Plumbing Association. We know from decades of research – as well as from direct personal experience – that psychologists and plumbers tend to be different kinds of people. This is not to say all plumbers are one type and all psychologists another.

6 Things that Happen when the Judger Personality Doesn’t Have Structure

Judging personality types have so many strengths, but one of our greatest is the ability to thrive in a structured routine. Judgers are amazing helpers when you need someone to line up all of the details. We’re great at laying down a game plan for a vacation, organizing someone’s space, and serving as personal financial advisors. So what happens when a detail-oriented, structured being like yourself finds there is no structure?

How to Host a Personality Party (for Friends Who are New to Personality Types)

Note: While many states have reopened post-COVID, we realize that for some of us throwing any kind of party isn't a good idea right now. But this was too fun of an idea not to share! Please make sure to adhere to local rules, recommendations, and guidance related to the COVID-19 pandemic. That could mean having a virtual party, having a party with just your social bubble, or holding off on having your party until life gets back to normal where you live.

ENTJ? How to Handle your Emotions (When You’d Rather Ignore Them)

It’s not unusual for ENTJs to find it hard to handle their emotions. We’re the personality type that prefers to squash our emotions and ignore them as much as possible. Life is less complicated when you can take out the emotion, right?

The problem is, to build healthy relationships, you need to learn how to deal with your emotions and let them show from time to time. If you ignore them for too long, you risk jumping straight to anger next time you feel any negative emotion bubbling to the surface. 

All of Your Questions about Enneagram Wings, Answered

So, you’ve taken the Enneagram test. You feel seen, validated, and maybe a little attacked (in a good way, of course). You begin to have a much clearer picture of yourself and what motivates your actions. As you continue to put the pieces of your type together, there’s a major part of the puzzle you stumble upon: Enneagram wings. 

Most Common Stress Responses of Each Enneagram Type and How to Manage Them

Watch: Molly Owens, CEO of Truity, and Steph Barron Hall, Found of Nine Types Co., talk about the Enneagram types and stress on Instagram. 


What do you think about when you think of stress? 

For some of us, the word stress conjures an image of anxiety, frustration and irritation. For others, stress feels like chronic overwhelm: like everything is just too much.

Can Your Personality Type Predispose You to Certain Health Risks…and Chronic Diseases?

A first-of-its-kind original, scientific study showed that Personality Type is strongly correlated with certain health-risk factors and may predict susceptibility to specific chronic illnesses. These findings may help patients with innate predispositions to avoid developing serious medical conditions. 

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