How to Recognize and Reward Employees According to Their DISC Type

Happy employees are productive employees. As a manager, anything you can do to keep your employees motivated and happy is going to pay dividends for the health of your business. This is one of the reasons why you should be administering the DISC assessment to your team. DISC can provide some fascinating insights into what makes your people tick, including what motivates, frustrates, challenges and delights them as they go about their work and interact with co-workers.

Tips for Raising Kids as an Enneagram 8

For the control-loving Enneagram 8, having children can be one of the toughest challenges to face.

Children are the ultimate disrupter in Eights’ lives – they’re untamable, unpredictable and they grow up to be their own people, no matter what you do to try to influence them.

Here’s what it’s like to raise kids as an Enneagram 8 and some helpful tips on how to keep your sanity through the highs and lows.

Can You Fool a DISC Assessment?

It can be tempting to try to make sure your test results come out the way you want them. Maybe you have preconceived ideas about a certain DISC type and want to be that type, or you think your boss is looking for a certain type to put on an exciting new project that you’d love to be part of. So you may try to achieve the results you desire, even if they aren't strictly accurate.

How the 8 Introverted Personalities Show Their Extraverted Side

Introversion and extraversion are opposite ends of the personality spectrum. Few people sit right at the edges of the spectrum, however, and this means that extraverted personality types will show introverted tendencies when they need to and, likewise, Introverts will tap into their less-dominant extraverted side in certain environments and situations. 

Do Our Pets Have Enneagram Types?

“Max? I think he’s a Type 6. He’s afraid of his own shadow and barks at the most random people on the street!”

“Luna? For sure she’s a Type 2. She wants to be friends with everyone in the neighborhood.” 

If you gather a pet-owning group of Enneagram enthusiasts together, you may experience that moment when people start discussing the Enneagram type of their pets. 

Five Insider Tips To Help ISTJs Deal With Conflict

All things being equal, ISTJ personalities would rather avoid conflict. We prefer jobs where we fly solo. We use calendars and communication for clarity. We follow the rules and eschew anything that could generate a surprise of any kind.                  

We don’t do variables; we do decisions. We actively plan to not have conflicts. So it’s disconcerting when a conflict lands in our path anyway, despite our best efforts to avoid it. 

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