5 Ways to Use the Typefinder with your Coaching Clients

Personality type plays an important role in helping someone understand why they are dissatisfied with their current career and the kind of work they would enjoy instead. And sometimes it doesn't even have to be over complicated – for some, learning they are an Introvert or an Intuitive and understanding what that means can be life changing. 

How you Behave When You’re Angry, By Personality Type

Everyone experiences anger sometimes, but how you deal with it reveals a lot about your personality type. For example, some types feel little wrath and more emotional regret, while others feel unprecedented fury! Because every personality type handles anger differently, it can be helpful to examine how each type behaves when dealing with this complicated emotion. 

So how do you behave when you’re angry? Let’s take a look at how each personality type reacts.

How to Improve Team Communication by Using Temperaments

This blog post is part of our Truity at Work series for those who are new to people management. In these posts, we’re creating useful content for managers and teams alike, helping you to understand personality, improve communication, and navigate conflict and change with ease. For an overview of the series, start with our introductory post here.

Can Your Enneagram Change Over Time?

One of the most frequently asked questions about the Enneagram personality typing system is, can your Enneagram change over time? Many people are convinced that such a change is possible, based on what has occurred in their own lives or on what they’ve observed happening in the lives of others.

But is this true? Can your Enneagram change over time, as you get older and continue to accumulate transformative life experiences?

A closer examination will be necessary to answer this fascinating question.

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How to Choose a Career When You Want to Do Everything

Many grow up with the idea that we all have a ‘one true calling,’ a specific thing we’re meant to do for the rest of our lives. But when you have multiple interests and passions, picking one career path can seem overwhelming.

So, how to choose a career when you want to do all the things? If this question haunts you, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some tips to help you narrow down the options and solve this career conundrum.

How to Navigate Doubt as an ENTJ Female

Navigating doubt is something that everyone has to go through at some point in their lives. For some of us, doubt is easier to overcome than for others. One thing’s for sure, doubt can be unsettling and even debilitating if you let it take over.

If you’re an ENTJ female, doubt can be especially difficult to deal with. You’re used to being self-confident and driven, and suddenly you’re faced with confusion and a fog of uncertainty.

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Why Highly Sensitive Persons Make the Best Leaders

Highly sensitive people (HSPs) have an accommodating temperament combined with a quiet confidence that makes them ideal for most leadership positions. They are sensitive to the needs of others and transparent in their concern for everyone’s welfare. This helps them elicit support and cooperation from people of diverse backgrounds and personalities, who come to trust them implicitly.  

What are the Temperaments, and Why Do They Need New Names?

Temperaments have a long history. These four holistic patterns of human behavior and motivation have been in use long before any of the more sophisticated models of personality were studied and developed. While they have been around a long time, they still are valuable and useful. 

In this article, I’m going to walk you through the four temperaments – how they came about, what they tell us, how they connect with the Myers and Briggs personality system, and why we’ve given them a re-brand using language that makes more sense to us today.  

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How to Deal with a Dominant Personality

Run. Hide. Triple-bolt the door. Declare yourself permanently busy. 

One of these is probably your first response when dealing with one of those people who has to always be right and not only expects you to agree with them, but to do whatever they say while feeling you must hand them your dignity and personal choice on a silver platter.

Unfortunately, sometimes there will be such a person in your life that you just can’t avoid. They could be your co-worker, your boss, your (not so) Great-Aunt Clarice, or your best friend’s boorish boyfriend. 

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