In Myers & Briggs' personality typing, the Sensing/Intuition dichotomy describes how a person takes in information.

Sensing Types

Sensors pay attention to their most immediate impressions; the "raw data" that they can see, hear and touch. They create meaning out of concrete information and rely heavily on past experiences to guide their future behavior. People with this preference are practical and active. They like to live in the here and now.

Sensors like concrete tasks and tend to pursue things in a linear sequence. At work, they will make an effort to understand expectations and like to use their proven skills to solve immediate problems. Sensors like to work on something with a clear result or product, and experience dissatisfaction with open-ended or overly abstract tasks.

People with a Sensing preference work well with details, and are happy to dig into the nitty-gritty of a situation. They follow and communicate information in a step-by-step fashion, and they appreciate the value of realism and common sense.

Intuitive Types

Intuitives pay attention to their intuition, instinct, and ability to draw meaning from seemingly disconnected facts. They are good at reading between the lines and recognizing connections between random groups of facts. People with this preference are abstract and theoretical. They worry about the future more than the present, and plan to change the world rather than simply live in it.

Intuitives are interested in everything that is unusual and new and chafe at routine. Ideas inspire them, and they are more likely to focus on the theory than the practice of a project. They enjoy learning over doing and may get bored with repetitive projects that do not engage their creativity. Intuitives take a high-level view and may experience dissatisfaction when attention to detail is required.

People with an Intuition preference doubt and test everything. They value innovation and imagination, and present information in a roundabout way through leaps of association and figures of speech.


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