How Does Your Personality Type Impact Your Income?

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Could your personality type help explain why you earn what you do? The answer seems to be yes. Check out your stats, and learn which personality traits are most important for earnings. For more about our findings, check out our blog post.


Nicole Hoffman says...

This site has hooked me for days! Think im changing carees

vigilant says...

:) Fun.

Laurie Evette (not verified) says...

As an INFP I actually make a decent income that I am proud of but I can absolutely see how they are the "lowest earners". I strive to create meaning in my work which is more important that climbing a corporate ladder. Making more money appeals to me out of a sense of security and providing more for my family, but I could care less about the prestige/ corner office and I am perfectly content in my current position and the idea of a leadership role turns me off.  I will work happily in my little hole, thank you. :)

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