Hello ESFPs.

I'm actually an INTP, and as you may tell from the title of this conversation, I am completely hopeless at this mysterious thing known as flirtation. I hardly even know what it is, let alone how to DO it. Any advice for an awkward nerdy INTP going into senior year of high school? Like, how to know when someone's flirting with you and the appropriate way to respond? Tips? Techniques? Usually I don't care about stuff like this but lately this guy has caught my attention and I hate being so helpless at this, because he'll never notice me and I'm done with being passive about what I want.

From what I know about ESFPs, you guys are fun and flirty. Please, pass on your wisdom. I am but a humble student.
(Also, pardon the stereotype. I'm well aware that not ALL ESFPs are masters at flirting :))


CaseyRH (not verified) says...

Well, I can tell you what worked for me. Though as you are so different, you may not be interested in doing it yourself.

I would go right up to him and state plainly that you're interested in him. I would hold back from being very intense about those feelings, like I wouldn't say that I've been thinking about it for weeks and just now got the courage to say something. Just state that in general you find them attractive and would like to spend some time with them. If you are funny, pepper in some jokes, maybe say in your pants when you say you want to spend more time with them, lol. ;)

If you don't know them and want to befriend them before you put yourself out there, take a day and observe them. Find out what he likes. See the people he knows. Really think about if you have anything in common. If so, then spend some time near him doing those things you have in common. Or sit near him and wait to strike into the conversation with what a coincidence, you like that thing too, or wow this is crazy, you were just thinking about something interesting to say on that very topic! Small world. Pepper in some jokes.

Being funny and making people laugh is without a doubt the easiest way to be noticed by the people you're talking to. It makes an impression, lowers guards, and makes people feel happy and at ease around you. It's fu**ing magic. Pepper in some jokes.

If you gave nothing in common but still think you want to be in his pants, you could just approach him at a point when he's alone and ask him if he'd be interested in coming to your house to watch a movie. That is universal high school code for come to my house and we'll get nasty. Pepper in some jokes.

Much luck to you! I hope you get some!

sammydoh says...

I am completely in the dark about any form of human connection.


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