Hello INTJs!

I'm an INFP, and I am so curious to know your opinions on INFPs! I assume you're somewhat annoyed with our random, bubbly, seemingly illogical minds... :) Who knows? Maybe some of you have different opinions! Also, how do you think s relationship with an INTJ would play out? (I'm a girl, btw)



dehayward says...

A crucial sticking point with INTJs like myself is we like other people to MAKE SENSE. If a situation, action or decision doesn't make sense, it is a major annoyance. So now that you're armed with this knowledge about INTJs, please don't use this power for evil

Guest (not verified) says...

Thanks! That helps a lot! Us INFPs have a reputation for not making sense to others, but that's something to work on.

Maya (not verified) says...

I only know one INFP and that is my 7 years younger sister. We have much in common but plenty of difference too. I am usually steady and calm while her moods can change rapidly. She can get angry real quick but calmn down just as fast.It scares me sometimes ;) It usually takes a lot more to get me angry but when I do, I usually have a good reason for it. I'm also the more unforgiving one.
I'm an INTJ woman in a relationship with an ENTJ man. For me a thinking type is much more suitable than a feeling type. I need someone who can keep up with my complex mind and weird shenanigans and doesn't get offended too easily.

Maybe for INTJ guys it's different but for me(in a relationship) I prefer thinking type over feeling type.

INTJ, 5w4 (not verified) says...

Well, I have some INFPs around me. Frankly speaking, if I was about to choose one type that is the most popular along people who want to talk to me, it would be xNFP. I guess I, as an INTJ, attract folks with that type of personality. Ok, so what are my thoughts about them, huh? Well, thay are usually okay. They show you all the time that they like you and it's kind of strange but nice as well feeling. Hmm, thay also seem to be a bit silly and easy to manipulate. Hah, and it's kind of funny to watch them when they did something bad and they feel sorry and do everything to make you forgive them. However, what I like about INFPs is that they're often altruistic. I'm not an altruist and I always think it over before I help someone so I find it interesting that they have this pure altruism. Moreover, as I make a lot of plans and I don't always keep in mind the others' feeling, the plans might be kinda evil, I guess? I mean, my plans sometimes might hurt someone. Thus, I share my plans with my INFP so they see what's good and evil in them. Guess it's about morality.
Yeah, I often think that INFPs make no sense and they're illogical but still they have a good sense when it comes to recognizing good and evil.
Anyways, I'm still analyzing why xNFPs like INTJs that much and that makes me suspicious about them but still it's kinda funny to watch their silliness and emotions and I respect them for their morality and altruism that I lack.

Guest (not verified) says...

I can't cope with any F type, especially introversion + feeling, to sensitive. To irrational. Decisions made based on their emotions. TO SENSITIVE. Can't be myself around them because they take things personally and think I am rude to them.


INTJ Woman

INTJ, 5w4 (not verified) says...

Yeah, they are way too irrational and snesitive. However, I think that we should respect the F types even if we consider them to be silly and too sensitive. We shouldn't think that we're better than them. They have some things that we lack and that's fine. Sometimes I forget about it, though, and just get annoyed. Yet, I guess not every INTJ can deal with it. I myself have worked on it for a few years. And my mom and sister are INFPs so I kinda had to learn how to get along with them.

reasonless_guru says...

I only really know one INFP very well. He's a really sweet guy. We've had some deep and interesting conversations. I really like that he's a deeper thinker. However, he's the most exhausting introvert I've ever met. He asked me out last year, so I think that might be some of it. I think he always wants to come off in as positive light as possible with regards to me. He's also a tiny bit too idealistic for me. I have some trouble not being cynical when people get really idealistic. I'd have to deal with his idealism, and he'd have to deal with my cynicism. It wouldn't be good for either of us. I personally couldn't date/marry him, but we are still good friends. In general, I do like the INFP personality, I just need a closet to retreat into after a little while.

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