Which personality type do you guys feel you get along the best with, and why? It can be any type - I'm just curious to see what other INTPs think about this topic because I know that being an INTP myself I am very critical and wary of others, and choose my friends quite deliberately and carefully.
I have recently encouraged my closest friends to take the MBTI test in order to determine which types I am more inclined to spend time with, and the results were interesting. I'll list my closest friend's personality type and why I think I click with them being an INTP.

The ENFP - One of my closest friend is an ENFP, and I really enjoy spending time with him because, having dominant extraverted intuition, he really helps me to develop my own extraverted intuition, since it's my second function after introverted thinking. He helps me to lighten up a bit and is often able to show me the importance of sympathy and self-expression, which helps me to further develop my inferior function, extraverted feeling. It's difficult for me to connect with others and I often feel uncomfortable in social situations, but my ENFP friend is always willing to discuss philosophical topics with me and provide insightful analysis that I would otherwise have missed, seeing as his introverted feeling compliments my introverted thinking.
The ESTP - Another of my closest friends is a textbook ESTP, and I love her company so much because we have a lot of differences. For example, my ESTP friend, being Se-dominant, always lives in the here and now, whereas my introverted sensing keeps me somewhat anchored to past events and my extraverted intuition has me grasping at possibilities. We often have debates about whether life is an illusion and what can really be counted as real, and although she is very much a realist it's so fun to have these discussions with her because I feel that I always take something away from them intellectually.
The ENFJ - Lastly, one of my best and closest friends is an ENFJ. I've been friends with him for as long as I can remember and I think the reason why I get along with him so well is because we have just enough in common to be able to understand one another as well as some healthy differences to keep our friendship interesting and enlightening. His organization and trustworthiness balances out my own tardy nature and scatter-brained demeanour, and he's one of the only people I know who is really able to make me feel better when I'm down on myself.

I could go on about some of my other friends, but I'm curious to know how other INTPs interact with the personality types - leave a response, I'd love to read it!!



Lex (not verified) says...

I'm an INTP, while My best friend has an ENFP personality, and nobody has ever understood me like he has. He helps me meet new people and see that there's much more to them than I give them credit for, while I help him understand the importance of not being so trusting, and not having too high of expectations of them. We are both laid back and talk about deep subjects that we don't discuss with others.

Guest (not verified) says...

I am an INTP and I have a group of friends that I get along with well. The first one is an ISFJ and despite our differences we get along swimmingly. The next is an ENTP/ENFP, we argue A LOT but get work well together despite this. Another is an INFJ, we don't always see eye-to-eye, mostly because she is a total feeler while I am a thinker through and through. She is really good company though, and our disagreements are usually inconsequential. The next is an ISTJ/INTJ we get along really well because of our similar views and unconventional mindsets. The fifth is an ISTP/ESTP we get along really well due to our love for debates. Our debates can last hours, although I once had an argument with my ENTP/ENFP that lasted a few months. The last is an ISTJ, we bond over our analytical and cynical minds

Phoenixa (not verified) says...

ENTJ - You click immediately on so many different levels. Your strengths and weaknesses compliment each other.
ENFP - Adventures. You click but need to be careful not to offend them, and someone needs to be in charge of time
ENFJ - loyal friends
ENTP - You click but they're flaky
ESTJ - They are fascinated by INTPs
INTJ - They project outwardly who you are inwardly. Generally smart. Tend to be secretly emotional and sensitive

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