I have recently realised that I am INFJ. Unfortunately I have also suffered from an episode of major depression at the age of 22 which caused me to lose my job. I am in recovery at the moment and would just like to enquire whether others have experience similar and what path they took career/job wise after this as I have found it difficult to fit in. I studied modern languages at uni and had my first episode of anxiety and depression when I had to complete a year abroad as part of my studies. I have always felt shame at being unable to cope when everybody else managed and am now trying to move on from this. Any advice offered would be hugely appreciated. Thanks.


Guest (not verified) says...

No need to feel shame about not coping - it can happen to anyone. I have been through something similar and am also an INFJ. There is lots of info about INFJ careers on Truity and other sites. We are inclined to love language so you have made the first step by studying them! Most career advice focuses on jobs that need higher degrees and specialist training. But what about those of us who don't want or don't fit into one of them? My advice, especially if you feel you don't fit in (me too!) and with the depression, I suggest sticking to low pressure environments, not too competitive or stressful, and where you will have some interaction with people but in a more intimate setting. Personally I started out as an engineer, had to leave that, then studied psychology but didn't want to go further with it. Have spent number of years aspiring to become a fiction writer and have got to the point where agents are interested in my work. But still, confusion about what to do for a day job persists. Honestly, i think it never goes away so you have to try to hope you land in a decent setting eventually.

I hope this helps. If it doesn't then banish it from your head :)

Sandalessie (not verified) says...

Hi, I am an INFJ who has also suffered from depression. Apparently, depression is something our personality type has a tendency towards. I often do feel alone and misunderstood in this world.

I do not like working in a structured environment with a lot of rules and would love to retire and just fill in my days pottering about, enjoying doing nothing much in particular. I love relaxing, reading and thinking about all kinds of stuff. Small talk bores me senseless.

Please check out some of the careers suggested on this website for INFJ's.

Also, I hope you get some treatment for depression and don't struggle on without help.

Guest (not verified) says...

I had a similar episode when I was around 20. I had just started grad school. I knew no one and suffered from crippling anxiety. I got paranoid when I ate alone or went to class. This had never been a problem for me in my undergrad program, but I always knew someone. I ended up dropping out because I had missed too many classes. I was sleeping constantly. It was terrible. You're not alone or a failure. We deal differently with new experiences. I hope you get some counseling. Especially look for strengths based therapy like positive psychology. We tend to beat ourselves up a bit.

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