Im so confused. Im a 24 yr old guy and Ive tested multiple times and have gotten many different results but the main four are INFP, INTP, ENFP, and INFJ. I did research and tried to make sense of it. Heres what i found. Im 100% introvert and dont like getting involved in a lot of meaningless relationships so that rules out the ENFP. I do think to myself a lot and got confused because i thought that makes me a Thinker instead of a Feeler, but i realised thinking to yourself is more of an introverted thing, actually i make all my decisions based on how i feel about the situation, or the vibes people give off, so that rules out the INTP. Now here's the real issue.. INFP, and INFJ are so similar that its a headache to decide. So i took a cognitive function test because INFJ use extroverted feeling while INFP use introverted feeling. My results were im 71% introverted feeling and 72% extroverted feeling, 31% introverted sensing, and 31% extroverted thinking. So i had a wtf moment but still continued my research. Thats when i found out about subtypes aka temprements. I am an ethical subtype which explains why my 2 leading functions are both "feeling". But still no help in my decesion. So here is a little about me. I am emotional, but i dont show it to anyone. I can sympathize with almost everyone and can put myself in their shoes but i hate messy emotions or if i feel like your emotions are not authentic or too dramatic for the situation then i walk away. I start to tear (if im alone) when i read or watch something sad. I can instantly tell when someone is not being authentic, to me its like its written on their face. I can walk into a room and read everything, the vibe of the room, who doesn't like each other, the people i should avoid. When i meet someone i can instantly tell if were gonna be freinds for a long time or if your just another acquaintance. Even though i try to stay to myself people always seem to gravitate towards me, i dont really consider them friends, but they always think of me like that. I hate small talk but if you have a personal problem or an intellectually stimulating topic, ill chat it up with you, i like to help people with their problems and give them a little bit of my wisdom (some of this wisdom does seem to come out of thin air, meaning i have no idea how i know the things i know). Im almost always never on time, or i just dont show up at all unless its really important to me. I like clean, neat and tidy but i also tend to let things build up before i take action (i think im just really lazy, but most times what i consider a mess and clutter, most people say wow your place is so tidy) I know I've said a lot but please is there anyone out there that can relate? I love feedback so any comments are appreciated.


Guest (not verified) says...

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INFJ1961 says...

An INFJ's functional stack is as follows: Dominant - Introverted iNtuition; Auxiliary - Extraverted Feeling; Tertiary - Introverted Thinking; Inferior - Extraverted Sensing
For INFPs, it's the following: Introverted Feeling; Extraverted iNtuition; Introverted Sensing Extraverted Thinking

From what you've written, you sound very much like an INFJ except for the part about almost never being on time. That may be something that comes with age, or your Judging preference is close to center - just over 50%.

Hope this helps!

Guest (not verified) says...

Im almost always never on time, or i just dont show up at all unless its really important to me.

What boggles me whether this is passive-agressive behaviour or your nature. (Mainly because of the second sentence)
Are you also not on time when it's important to you?

Guest (not verified) says...

I am very passive aggresive. If its important to me i will try to be as close to on time as i can. But things happen. I hate when i leave early and still end up late. Or even worse, i reach on time or im early and the other person is late.

Guest (not verified) says...

To me that sounds that you tend more to j than to p on the j-p dichotomy.

ponylover25 says...

I'm very interested in personality type and I'm personally an INFP. The INFP and infj types are the twins of personality type. There are scores that can help you figure it out. I like pinterest for personality personally, but look it up anywhere.

INFJ1993 (not verified) says...

Every single thing that you wrote here is absolutely frightening how that was me to a T. I just stared at the screen reading that, with my mouth wide open because you have thought about this in such depth, that it was beautifully represented and spoken. I am a 24 year old female, who took an unoffical test about a month ago and was typed as an INFJ, and then another time I got an INFP, and INTJ. However, I finally took the official MBTI exam and received an INFJ. But after researching and thinking about myself, I realized that a few of my personality tendencies will seem very logic driven to me, and some times I can allow my space to get a little messier than usual (even when my friends think it looks tidy, it is not to me). After doing much more introspection than usual, I thought long and hard about how I perceive information, first and foremost, and I came to the conclusion that it is my intuition first, and extroverted feeling second. I am always connecting patterns and relating, what sensing types would think unrelated, things together. I love people, however they drain me very easily if I am not discussing ideas and theories and having deep intellectual and thought-provoking conversations. I cannot stand small talk, insensitivity, messy emotions, inauthenticity, people who judge others, unethical and immoral people, superficial people, narrow-minded people, and noise. I am the most emotional/least emotional person I know--I can turn off my emotions when it best suits me. I have so many interests, that I would say I am no expert in one, but proficient in all. I have a strong desire for learning, but only those topics in which I am interested in (which is a lot). I am a people pleaser, ensuring everyone is happy and comfortable, but if you go against one of my values you will regret every single wrong move you made. Personal growth is one thing that is vital to my well-being. I expect that in myself, as well as others who are in my life. If I feel like someone is stagnant in their personal growth, or doesn't care to work on themselves, it disrupts my soul and I have difficulty continuing a relationship with them. Growing up, I never understood how most people would get so excited about things, what I thought to be meaningless things--birthdays, new years eve festivities, parties, sports events, graduating from high school, or anything that sure, is exciting in the moment, but those moments are fleeting and meaningless to me. The things that matter to me are what you cannot see with your eyes, but can feel with your heart and in your soul. I have an immense amount of empathy, burdensome at times, because I can feel others emotions as if they were my own. I can watch a touching commercial, and cry for the people because I can feel their happiness in my soul. I have out of body experiences where I can tap into someones mind, and shoes, and physically feel their world; it helps me to empathize with them.  I fight for the underdog, because I see myself in their struggles. I have difficulty watching people who are feeling embarrassed, or feeling an extroadinary emotion, because their energy is transferred to me and I feel it with such depth. However, my contradiction is/was that I did not know how to comfort people, due to never needing to be comforted in that way myself. I hid what I thought were my "weaker emotions", and never shared those emotions with anyone, including never being able to cry in front of people. I didn't want to bother people with my feelings, or let anyone in (Im still learning how to let down my walls, and let people in). Growing up, I had severe difficulty understanding my own emotions, and would have to journal to process them out. As I am getting better at this as I get older. I have always been strangely drawn to sad, uncertain things--reincarnation, near-death experiences, conspiracy theories, murder, mysteries, the paranormal, and serial killers. I have a strong infatuation with the unknown, and the mysterious. Aside from that, but also relating to it, I am extremely passionate and fascinated with human psychology and what makes people tick. I am constantly psychoanalyzing people and trying to determine what childhood experiences shaped their personality today. 

All of this aside, I am an INFJ through and through. I hope this reaches someone, and can help them to see that realizing you are an INFJ is life changing. I feel so prepared to confront life, and confident in my ability to no longer walk through life misunderstood, but with the knowledge that I now know who I am. 

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