My core concern is to find out what is the ideal job for me, after 3 years going to a psychoanalyst i am now granted to experience different issues to find out what should I turn to. I am 38, and would like to change my life toward flourishing


niels says...

Great to hear - welcome in the INFP club.

Can you put some extra words on what you mean by "flourishing"? Then I will see if I can offer some advice from my own experience :-)

dunkie22 says...

I was 40 when I left the Navy and started all over. That was 24 years ago. You do have to think about retirement and how you will support yourself. Having said that, you should know what your skills are and try to match those to a job that uses them and helps you make a difference in the world. I cannot tell you how to do that, but sometimes it starts with college and volunteer work and even meeting people. You need your eyes opened and exposure to ideas and jobs. Good luck.

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