I just found out last week that indeed I am not crazy, and nothing is wrong with me.
For the longest time I sensed that I was different. It bothered me that I "could read" people's feelings/emotions and that
it affected me. It bothered me that I couldn't stand the mindless, silly chats of people around me. And above all, I always tried to seek solitude. It felt good to be alone with my thoughts. It still does very much.
Well, now I welcome all this because now I know I am "weird" as I was told so many times. Now I know that I am unique.
Yes I still do have all these issues but now I accept myself. I embrace the way I am.
I have finally found the path that would lead me to a journey of discovery.



L. (not verified) says...

Hi Jose. I'm an INFP and I relate to many of your feelings and share your frustrations. Lately I have learned to accept myself more and the fact that I feel different most of the time. Nice to meet you.


AnotherrDragon (not verified) says...


Thanks for sharing your thoughts about my post. It is so nice to see other people like you having the same issues.
It brings comfort to my heart and it is so soothing.

INFJ1961 says...

I remember that happening to me. Nice, isn't it?

Guest (not verified) says...

Me too. Thank you so much for sharing.

suavecoolwave says...

Thank you for your reply. I no longer feel that I am alone.
As I begin to learn more about me and INFJ I am beginning to be kind to myself, as opposed to get hard on myself.
For example at work. I kept saying I needed to develop a "thick skin" in dealing with people, as my feelings tend to get hurt
easily. I also could not understand the need to be alone at times, just to cry. Yes I sometimes lock myself in the bathroom to shed a tear.
Thank you for sharing.

INFJ1961 says...

As I began to see the world around as a collection of mirrors, I began to enter a different paradigm. The stronger my reaction toward something (positive or negative), the more I delved to find in myself what I perceived in them. It wasn't easy at first - especially things that don't look so good - but, as I found myself growing as a person, it became exciting at times. As I identified myself with more and more people and their behavior, I came to the realization that I have treat all (including myself) equally in terms of how I feel about them, because I discovered I can't in all fairness dislike someone for something they did, when I've done the same thing, and especially if it's something I still do from time to time.

Driving in traffic became a cosmic joke. I'd get bent out of shape because someone cut in front of me without a proper signal. Seconds later, I'd do the same thing to someone else. The more I got myself under control, the more I seemed to find myself "in the flow" of things. I would instinctively that another motorist needs to get in my lane well before they signaled (or didn't).

I'm alone a lot, and I love it! Alone, I wear my heart on my sleeve and cry watching television. I own my feelings, but I also (mostly) what feelings I will have. If I find that this is too difficult around certain people, if I don't have to be around them, I remove myself from there company (sometimes it takes a few repeat offenses...).

When dealing people, I try to get a quick read on their personality and behavior. I do this in order to determine whether or not I want to invest in them in terms of energy and emotion. This is very important to me, because when I invest in someone, I become vulnerable to them - and that's when I can get my feelings hurt. Over time, it's gotten to where I can be around someone like for a bit, but be very distant socially without being rude.

Oscar Wilde said "to love oneself is the beginning of lifelong romance." Go for it. You're worth it.

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