i took the test yesterday. i have been a RN for 36 years. 33years as a nurse investigator for abuse, neglect and exploitation. when i retired, a year ago, i was burned out from short staff and systems. i loved the work, it was an independent job and i helped many many people. i am finished being a nurse. even though i am 63 yrs old i still have a need to do something. i started to do more crafts and do artisan furniture painting. i have a business name Retro Queen Bee. the only thing is i like to make money. i do not want to work full time. i do want to enjoy my home better. i am going to incorporate my home with business and make some money. I do have a problem with depression and i am on medication. sometimes, i see a life coach.

i talk in terms of freedom and creativity. as, i talk i sound like a INFP in transition. am i correct?


Lynn Le (not verified) says...

Hello, I think you are a great person. I used to have a problem with depression 3 years ago. I know it's easy to say :" Things will be better." but I can't think of anything else. I believe arts can save us in this case. I often find my peace in writing. Wish you the best.
With love,
Love to hear good news from you soon.

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