Does anyone of you out there wanted to change a career all of the sudden? Because if you’re going to ask me it’s a yes. Im a reference librarian 23 yo and currently taking up a masters degree. I haven’t finish my post grad yet in the middle of studying I found mself draining, daydreaming, thinking of something that i could be productive.

but i really need help as of the moment. When will you know that a career isnt or is meant for you? or how would know that you need a career change? 

I would really appreciate of someone could respond this. Thankyou so much 😭


Kristine C. (not verified) says...

Hi! I recently went through a major career change, after working in the same field/role-type for many years. It was a journey, and for me it entailed a great deal of soul searching, and even going back to school for a second advanced degree, but now I am incredibly happy in my work. In fact, I am happier and more fulfilled in my work than I have been in 20 years. I have better work-life balance. I made these changes without having to take a pay cut. I would be happy to talk with you and provide advise, mentorship, and/or coaching. My expertise is leadership and professional development. I am a mentor in my organization's mentorship program and have extensive experience supporting others in their career development and planning. I am also in the process of earning my credential as a Leadership and Professional Development Coach through an International Coaching Federation program. Since I am still earning my credential, I provide my clients coaching pro bono (free). I have to earn a certain number of hours coaching while working towards my credential, so this would be helping me at the same time. If you are interested, message me here and we'll find a way to connect. Otherwise, good luck to you in your journey! Best, Kristine

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