For quite a few years now, I've had a tendency to write in all capital letters, making the first letter of any word that would normally be capitalized larger than the rest. What led me to this is that I saw someone else doing it, and I liked it.

With the onset of computers in homes and workplaces, I did a lot less handwriting. I do very little corresponding outside of the digital realm, so my penmanship has suffered, especially cursive writing. My all-caps handwriting does have its on "flair," though.

A few times I decided to look handwriting analyses regarding this, and what I've read for the most part has not been favorable. Egotistic, narcissistic, and arrogance are descriptions I encountered. The closest thing to my truth is where I read that I'm hiding myself. As an INFJ, I can agree to that. A person can ask me something very personal, and I usually won't have a problem answering them, but I don't typically parade my personal feelings and business. I used to call myself an open book, until I realized that I am still learning things about myself as I'm about to turn 55.

I'm just curious to know if more Introverts have a tendency to write in all capital letters than Extraverts...


callietalk says...

I have been doing the same thing for about 10 years, but I don't make the first letter of each word larger. Just turned 50. Always tested as INFJ but about to be retested in October.

Linda/infj (not verified) says...

I'm 55 and have been writing with all caps for about 20 cursive is awful due to keyboard use, as well. I discovered that all caps had a cleaner, crisper look to it, so it just stuck with me. I also studied handwriting analysis years ago but don't recall the caps writing being arrogant etc or perhaps I would have stopped, lol! Anyway, as of late I've adopted more of a "who cares what people think" attitude so I'll stick with the all caps just because I like it! Hope that doesn't sound dreadfully arrogant though... I still care  a little ?

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