Holland Code Infographic - What's Your Career Personality Type?

How can you choose the career that's right for you, without having any practical experience on the job? In the 1950's, psychologist John Holland set out to answer this question. He determined that all careers can be categorized as one of 6 main types—and conveniently, all people can be categorized as well.

By asking you practical questions about the types of tasks you enjoy doing (both on the job and off) the Holland Code system is able to provide you with a match between your interests and the careers you would enjoy doing.

So how do you know your Holland Code career type, and thus, which careers will suit you? Use this handy decision tree infographic to figure it out!

Want more info? Try taking the comprehensive Career Surveyor assessment (based on the Holland code system) or using this career finder to discover careers that match your Holland Code type.

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