If you’re an Enneagram Type 4, you’re happiest when you can use your talents, get recognition for your artistic and creative strengths, and have enough autonomy to get things done on your own. Most Type 4s prefer a job that provides them with some independence, a flexible schedule, and the ability to be as creative as possible. Sadly, it can take some time to find a career that checks all of those boxes. 

Best Careers for Enneagram 4s

If this sounds like you, read on for the best Enneagram Type 4 careers. Most require little training, so they are worth a look regardless of your education and career history.  

1. Photographer

If you’re an Enneagram Type 4 who enjoys taking photos, why not turn your hobby into a full-fledged career? You can transition into the photography world at your own pace, either by taking courses from other photographers to learn a thing or two or by exploring the technical aspects on your own. Many photographers take charge of their careers by beginning as freelancers, which you can also start while working another job until you feel comfortable enough to do it full time.

2. Hair Stylist 

To be a hair stylist, you need to go to beauty school to complete a program and get your license. Once you’ve earned your license, you can make your own schedule and even work out of your own home if you choose. Plus, you get to flex your creative nature by learning new hair cutting techniques and experimenting with fun and colorful dyes and styles.

3. Artist or artisan 

In the era where the internet and online shopping rule, you have more options to become an artist or artisan, depending on your preferred creative craft. With online platforms for crafty folks, you can build your own business and sell art prints, originals, custom portraits, knitting, or whatever you like to create. The upfront cost to start selling? Supplies, listing, and shipping fees are all you’ll need to worry about, so you can start as soon as you’re ready. 

4. Graphic designer

Although some people go the traditional way and get a degree in graphic design, you can become a self-taught graphic designer by learning some basic programs and skills. You may want to start by watching YouTube tutorials for graphics programs. Then, you can build a clientele by advertising your services on a personal website or a freelancer platform to build your portfolio. There’s no shortage of work available from small businesses and other clients once you feel confident enough to apply or submit proposals.

5. Performer

The Enneagram Type 4 loves delving into their creative side and, if you feel the urge to perform, you can turn your passion into a job. Maybe you did theater in high school or have always had the desire to give it a try — you don’t always need a ton of training to get started. 

Whether you prefer singing, playing a musical instrument in a band, or acting on stage, you don’t need to achieve A-lister notoriety or have a performance degree to make a decent living as a performer. Try searching for local performer jobs and head to auditions. The possibilities for performers are pretty endless — kids princess parties, cruise ships, amusement parks, weddings, or seasonal events are some examples of jobs you can audition for, no degree required. You may even decide to start your own performer business for themed parties or events. 

6. Writer or blogger

A lot of Enneagram Type 4s love wielding a pen and, although it might seem like a niche job, the internet offers so many opportunities to turn this dream into a reality. As a writer myself, I’d recommend starting with a blog or a niche subject you have some experience in to start building a portfolio and get comfortable with your voice. Although some jobs (like journalism) require a degree, many freelance writers and bloggers don’t have one, and it isn’t necessary in order to start getting paid for your work. You may also want to subscribe to writer’s job boards to see what’s available to you as a novice or intermediate writer.

7. Party planner

If you’re a Type 4 who loves a good fête, you might want to build your own party-planning business. All you need to become a party planner is a creative, open mind and a desire to help people create the parties of their dreams. Start by offering to plan parties for friends or family members for free or at a discount to build a portfolio of photos to display your work. Then, make a website and branch out into your community. 

Party planning jobs can provide you with a steady income because someone always has a birthday, anniversary, or graduation around the corner. 

8. Manicurist

As a manicurist, you’ll need a stint in a vocational school to get a license. However, once you’ve completed your education, you can work solo or in a salon, where you can set your own hours and manage your clientele as you see fit. 

You can also go into the more creative side of the profession and start a custom nail art business. Try creating an Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube channel to help support your business; it can go viral if you think outside the box, which will help your business. You may also decide to take your nail design talents to a site like Etsy, where you can sell custom design stick-on nails for people searching for something unique.

9. Tattoo artist

If you want to ink your art on clients’ skin, you may want to become a tattoo artist. Although some may suggest schooling through a trade program, it isn’t required. Instead, you can start off by learning the tools of the trade, purchasing the proper equipment, and practicing on fake skin (synthetic or pigskin). 

Once you’re confident enough, you can offer people you know a free tattoo to build your portfolio. After some experience, you should seek out an apprenticeship at a local tattoo parlor and get a state or local license if required. An apprenticeship is the most typical step you’ll take to learn the ins and outs of tattooing while gaining experience working under other tattoo artists. Meanwhile, you’ll build a portfolio of work that will help you land more clients.

10. Chef or caterer

You don’t need a fancy culinary education to start working as a chef. To start, you might try finding a job at a restaurant kitchen to gain experience or teach yourself some basics through virtual courses if you’d like to create your own catering business.

If you do branch off to start a business, you’ll need to get a local food license and food handler’s card before you can legally sell your bites.

11. Social media or project manager

If you love the creative brain behind marketing or social media, you may want to work as a social media manager or project manager. Project management and social media management jobs are similar and will require you to know the ins and outs of social media platforms and other organization tools, and you’ll also need to be a pro at scheduling. 

Most people with these jobs work a self-made schedule under a project management company, or you can start your own business by building a local clientele. You might find local clients by approaching business owners and self-starters to see if they want someone to manage their social media accounts and advertising. You can begin by teaching yourself recommended programs, social media basics, and watching videos from experienced managers in the field.

Summing it up

The Enneagram Type 4 is a creative, free spirit who prefers to work on their own time, doing what they have a passion for. If you’re a Type 4 seeking a new occupation, these Enneagram Type 4 careers are a great start to doing your own research and soul-searching to find the perfect career that fulfills you. Still searching for your dream career path? Take our free career aptitude test

Cianna Garrison
Cianna Garrison holds a B.A. in English from Arizona State University and works as a freelance writer. She fell in love with psychology and personality type theory back in 2011. Since then, she has enjoyed continually learning about the 16 personality types. As an INFJ, she lives for the creative arts, and even when she isn’t working, she’s probably still writing.