Benefits of Using Personality Tests at Work

One thing your employees are not bringing back into the workplace in 2021? The same work attitudes and preferences that they held prior to the pandemic. 

3 Ways to Motivate Introverted Teams

Do you lead a team that is made up of mostly Introverts? Do you struggle to connect and motivate them? When I coach leaders or read articles about how to lead introverted employees, it seems as if people think Introverts are a mystery that need to be solved. 

My goal is to demystify the process for a win-win outcome.

Back to Work Survey: Introverts, Women and Non-Management Employees May Dread Going Back to the Office — While Leadership and Extraverts are Raring to Go

With vaccine rates increasing and a post-pandemic reality on the horizon, we wondered, “How are workers really feeling about going back to the office?” Turns out, it depends very much on who you ask.

In April 2021, Truity surveyed 3,244 people who have returned or are returning to the office after a period of remote work. The results uncovered some big gulfs about how employees feel about bringing back in-person meetings, fluorescent lighting and pants with zippers. 

Feeling Unsuccessful at Work? Here’s a Type-Specific Work Mantra You Can Pin to the Wall

We’ve all been there. You’re in the dreaded “work slump.” You’re losing sleep over the upcoming weekday. It’s the Sunday Scaries, but it never goes away.

Sometimes we blame the job itself, our annoying coworker or boss, or just the general stress and strain of work. And those are valid complaints. But we can also look inward. We can reflect on our own strengths and weaknesses. We can admit to ourselves there might be some work to do internally. 

That’s where the work mantra comes in.

How and Why Organizations Can Responsibly Use Personality Assessments

Earlier this month, HBO released a documentary that promised to reveal the “dark side of personality tests.” Starring a mix of chattering Youtube personalities, corporate talking heads, and various activists with a bone to pick with the psychometrics industry, Persona devoted a mere hour and a half to covering essentially every circumstance in which a person might find themselves answering a question about their thoughts or behavior—and aimed to leave the viewer with a deep sense of foreboding about ever doing so again. 

How the Enneagram Can Help Create Diversity in the Workplace

Applying the Enneagram personality test in the workplace is one of the most powerful tools you can use to improve office communication and strengthen team dynamics. But like all powerful tools, it can be misused, and one common misconception is that it might be efficient to eliminate various Enneagram types from specific jobs or teams.

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