The love of a road trip is universal. Jamming playlists, deep conversations, the relaxing lull of rolling through this good, green earth – say no more! Not to mention spending time with someone you (hopefully) enjoy in the passenger seat. 

However, expectations of a road trip adventure depend entirely on each person and their personality type. What an Introvert would consider their dream vacation might make an Extravert die of boredom. Or reverse those roles, and our poor introverted friends might feel like their entire existence is being whisked away one spontaneous detour at a time. 

The following road-trip destination list is specifically tailored to the high-energy Extraverts among us who simply live for action.  

What’s better, this list applies to everyone, regardless of location. Whether you’re in North America, Europe or somewhere else on the globe, here is a list of four different ‘genres' of road trips for the adventuring Extravert. 

Big Cities

Visiting a big city is an obvious destination choice for an Extravert, though not for the reason you’d expect. 

Are there lots of interesting people surrounding you? Absolutely! 

But it’s about so much more than being around people – it’s also about the energy buzzing all around you. Each city has a unique heartbeat and culture baked into the local shops, eateries, buildings, history, and community. Extraverts feed off of this atmospheric energy, propelling them into new experiences and novel ideas as they explore the ever-changing churn of a big city. 

So far, my favorite city to walk around and discover has been Austin, Texas. I passed a donut shop, next to a bar with live music, next to an antique shop, next to a handmade clothing store – on half of one street! This isn’t uncommon for bigger cities, but there was something in the air that felt like hip innovation. Colorful walls and interesting architecture made this a go-to big city for this Extravert. What will your favorite city be? 

Festivals and Conventions

Where the “big city” option is about the experience, planning a road trip to a festival or convention is all about the people. Connecting with others who have a similar interest is incredibly exciting for anyone, Extravert or Introvert. But an Extravert is more likely to enjoy the throbbing pulse of a large crowd. 

Whether singing the same lyrics with hundreds of others at a music festival or feeling a rush of creative energy at comic con, attending a festival or convention is a social candyland for an Extravert! 

Recently, my husband and I attended the FanX experience in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was packed full of cosplayers, artists, celebrities, and so many wonderfully nerdy people! Walking around thousands of booths in Artist Alley fed my creative soul and gave me so much appreciation for the talent we have as human beings. Plus it was incredible to see all of my favorite nerd-niche fandoms represented in art, music, and food. 

Outdoor Adventures

Everyone loves the great outdoors, right? But while an Introvert finds happiness in the quiet solitude of nature, an Extravert is going all-out to find the next big, energetic adventure. Backpacking, white water rafting, four-wheeling, rock-climbing; these are all ways an Extravert would most enjoy connecting with nature. 

In particular, an Extravert is going to enjoy the competitive feeling of being challenged by their external environment. If it’s risky, you’ll probably love it. And going along as a group packs in even more fun for the socially minded Extravert. 

As a teenager, I had the chance to participate in a week-long hiking trip complete with canoeing, camping, swimming, and learning outdoor survival skills. I had an absolute blast testing my physical limits in some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. As an added bonus, the challenges I faced and the skills I learned gave me a huge boost to my confidence.

Theme Parks

Roller coasters, water rides, and heart-pounding vertical drops – theme parks are a thrill-seekers paradise! For Extraverts who may be constantly told to ‘dial it back’, visiting a theme park is an opportunity to fill up on adrenaline (and sugar) and get a real charge to the energy bank. Plus, there are crowds and crowds of people, and we all know how much you love to watch your fellow humans! 

Six Flags in Dallas, Texas holds a special place in my heart after my boyfriend-now-husband and I spent our first Christmas Holiday together. There’s something about falling in love as you fall through the air, careening on metal wheels… sounds totally romantic, right? We stepped into the playful world of a theme park and for a whole day forgot about the fact that we were students. In probably the silliest we’ve ever acted together, we even sword fought with straws – completely sober. There’s definitely some magic infused into a theme park that makes it a perfect destination for an Extravert. 

Bonus: Pick a New Destination 

Let’s say you read through the list and think, “yeah… none of those are for me.” Chances are you’re an ENFP and have a hard time doing anything anyone tells you to do (not speaking from experience or anything). 

In that case, my suggestion is to choose a new destination. Pick somewhere you’ve never been before. Extraverts love experiencing something new. Even processing the experience of eating at a new restaurant can scratch a minor itch for adventure. 

Long story short, keep in mind the great qualities you have when planning your next road trip.  Connecting with others, feeling the buzz of energy, challenging yourself, engaging with stimulating worlds – these are the hallmarks of your perfect Extraverted road trip destination. 

Alright my friends, what is your favorite place to road trip? Tell us in the comments below! 

Kim Jacobson
Kim spends her time as a freelance content marketing writer and indie author. Her focus is on empowering others to make healthy choices, and personality theory plays a large role in that calling. What else would you expect from an ENFP? She lives in the mountains with her ISFJ husband and two incredible kiddos.