Are you thinking about a career change? Perhaps you've been working at the same job for a number of years, but you feel like you're just spinning your wheels, and you no longer enjoy what you do. It might be, too, that you've had several jobs, maybe even in different fields, but none of them have really clicked with you. In either case, you might be longing for a career in which you face each day with enthusiasm, loving what you do and committing your work hours to your life's passions. Here's how personality type assessment can help you achieve your goals.

Know Yourself Better

By taking a personality type assessment like the TypeFinder, you get to know yourself better. Its purpose is to identify your preferences in focus, organization, decision-making, and information-processing. When you understand more about these aspects of your personality, you are better-equipped to decide what kind of career change would make sense for you. People who are considering career changes tend to take stock of their skills and interests. These are certainly important factors. Information provided by taking the TypeFinder, however, takes self-understanding to a deeper level, and it's this sort of understanding that can provide a solid foundation for discovering what career paths you would truly enjoy.

Heighten Your Confidence

Taking the TypeFinder when you're at a career crossroads can heighten your confidence. By learning about your strengths and your unique preferences, you put yourself in a better position, with determination and greater self-esteem, to explore career paths that give you opportunities to best leverage those strengths. Knowledge of your strengths will help you feel more secure in your abilities, and that can translate into better resume-building and, hopefully, more successful job interviews. The TypeFinder can also lend insight into personality preferences that you might not have previously considered. These, too, can be explored and examined in the context of a launching a refreshing and promising career change.

Improve Relationships With Other People

When you gain deeper insight into your own personality, you also come to better understand dynamics of interaction with other people. What you learn from your personality assessment can help you become more aware of subtleties in how you get along with colleagues. In this way, taking the TypeFinder can help you improve relationships with other people. Understanding facilitates empathy, a necessary component of team spirit in the workplace. Improving your understanding of how people get along, based on personality preferences and styles, can improve your chances of successfully making a career transition. Knowledge is power, and when you cultivate deeper knowledge and understanding of the nuances of how people interact, you'll stand in a stronger, more empowering place at your crossroads.

Many people change jobs or careers multiples times over the course of their lives. Solid statistics about career change are hard to obtain. The Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn't try to estimate how many times people change careers because the definition of “career change” can vary from person to person. Just as the preferences indicated in your personality type are not rigid categories, no individual person's career path is set in stone. The TypeFinder can't tell everything about someone's personality – human personality is far too complex for that – but if you're thinking about a career change, it can help by serving as a useful tool for self-knowledge by which you can make wiser decisions for yourself and your vocational path.

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