Whether you’ve already got a trip planned or you’re thinking about joining the ranks of others who are making the most of domestic travel in 2022, taking a road trip might be one of the most appealing ways to get out and explore after being cooped up for the last couple of years. Plus, a road trip has plenty to offer without worrying about embarking on an international trip. 

If you’re stumped about what you want out of a road trip and have no idea where to start, Truity teamed up with HearHere, a road trip storytelling app, to create a test that reveals your road trip type, based on traits from The Big Five Factor model of personality. If you haven’t taken the free test yet, check it out here!

Once you know your road trip type, it’s time to dig deeper. Here’s the breakdown of what each road trip personality type wants from their travel adventure. 

The Creature of Comfort

This road trip type is one of the least adventurous and finds straying outside of their comfort zone uncomfortable; you won’t see them signing up to rock climb or camp in the mountains anytime soon! Instead, their comfort is of the utmost importance, so they prefer impeccably planned trips that offer plenty of relaxation time, including some pampering at the spa or the creature comforts of a 5-star hotel room. 

With that in mind, as a Creature of Comfort you’ll need to make sure your road trip and packing lists include:

  • Wifi (almost) all the time
  • Favorite outfits and luxury brands
  • Your own pillow, in case the hotel ones are less than satisfying
  • Hot tools for styling your hair
  • All the tech devices you can pack!
  • Access to services like food delivery apps
  • A candle or two, plus matches, to help you relax and unwind at night
  • Every self-care item you can fit in your bag, including, but not limited to: face masks, moisturizers, manicure sets, and body lotion
  • You might consider packing two bags, just in case

The Culture Hound

If you’re all about soaking in all the culture around you, you’re probably a Culture Hound. This type wants to immerse themself in the quintessential experiences of the place and will be tempted to visit every museum and historical landmark. For example, if taking a road trip to Seattle, Washington, you’ll want to cover everything from the music scene to Pike Place Market to the Space Needle to the original Starbucks store. 

Culture Hounds need many things that enhance your overall feel for the culture of a place, including:

  • Fiction, nonfiction, or poetry books centered around the place you’re visiting 
  • A travel notebook and camera to capture your favorite cultural scenes
  • An itinerary that includes plenty of sightseeing and experiences
  • Free time to explore local shops, cafés, and restaurants that speak to the heart of the city or town without the pressure of a scheduled activity
  • Meaningful souvenirs to take home
  • Advice from locals on the best spots to explore

The No Limits Adventurer 

Adventurers are the type that wants to keep going and exploring, even when the other people on the trip feel tired. They love group trips that allow them to explore with their friends and get down and dirty when it comes to outdoor outings and activities. 

As the ultimate adventure-seeking type, your must-haves include:

  • A pair of good hiking boots
  • An itinerary that includes plenty of outdoor fun and activities, such as hiking or backpacking
  • A good camera to capture the most memorable moments
  • Local guide maps for outdoorsy outings and compass for exploring
  • Practical clothing that isn’t uncomfortable
  • Reservations for restaurants that offer unusual local fare
  • An emergency flashlight and first aid kit
  • Fun game night options to play with your best buds in the evening

The Nonstop Nomad 

This spontaneous type likes a flexible itinerary and prefers to explore the landscape on a whim where possible. These eager and imaginative travelers want to experience as much as possible without the need for a strict plan, which is why they do well when their travel buddies let them lead the way. 

If you’re a Nonstop Nomad then your energy is sky high! All that exploring means you should make sure you have:

  • Travel companions who are more flexible and open to spontaneous experiences
  • Clothing options for multiple occasions, because you may spend a day on the beach and head to the club or a fancy dinner at night
  • Plenty of memory on your phone for all the snapshots and selfies you’ll take
  • A travel app that shows a list of local must-see spots
  • A pair of comfortable tennis shoes to keep on hustling
  • Time to meet some locals and ask them their favorite outdoor and indoor sites that travel recommendations don’t list

The Self-Driving Explorer   

This road trip type prefers to keep things slower than others and take in the landscape and experiences at their own pace. They like to be in charge of the itinerary and love stumbling upon hidden gems, so they aren’t afraid to change plans. Their mellow, laid-back approach to travel won’t wear their companions out if they’re on a road trip with like-minded people. 

If you are a Self-Driving Explorer, your must haves on a road trip include:

  • A light itinerary with plenty of room for changes
  • A few low-key companions for the journey rather than a large group
  • A destination that offers a rich cultural scene and plenty to see and do, without the demands of overloading a schedule
  • Comfortable and practical clothing
  • Yelp or travel apps for hidden places to explore
  • A few last-minute booking options on Airbnb or Vrbo that also offer free cancelation 
  • Time to explore everything from restaurants and quiet shops to hiking trails and small beaches
  • A curated playlist that features all the good vibes you could want

The Travel Taskmaster 

A Taskmaster wants a packed schedule and plenty of bonding activities that boost everyone’s morale. They prefer things to go as planned and are often disappointed when they don’t. Their must-do lists are formidable, and they often come across as the parental figure of the group whose practical nature and organization hold the whole trip together. 

Less flexible and spontaneous, this road trip type needs:

  • A journal for any more lists they need to write before departure and upon arrival
  • Dinner reservations, tickets to concerts or museums, and anything else that requires pre-planning
  • An eye mask for plenty of rest because they’ll need to recharge big time
  • An outfit for every feasible occasion on their list
  • Medications, toiletries, and a first aid kit in case anyone else forgets to bring them
  • Supplies like water bottles and snacks
  • Matching T-shirts for your group
  • A tried-and-true method to destress, like deep breathing or calming music, in case anything goes wrong on the trip

The Trip Maximizer

The Trip Maximizer wants to get something out of every moment of their trip, down to the hour. That means they thrive on accumulating solid plans and will have tickets, reservations, and attractions planned out well ahead of time, and these plans are often lined up back-to-back! These energetic travelers want to squeeze every last drop of sightseeing and activities out of the adventure, which can be quite overwhelming. 

If you’re a Trip Maximizer with a go-getter attitude, you should prepare the following:

  • A color-coordinated and printed itinerary, with copies for each traveler
  • Travel buddies who are very (very) high energy
  • Access to caffeine at all times to keep your energy levels up
  • A detailed backup of your plans in your cell phone’s calendar app
  • As many guidebooks and pamphlets as you can pack
  • A lengthy, curated playlist that represents the area you’re visiting
  • Travel-sized sunscreen and snacks to keep in your bag as you’re out and about
  • A good wallet organizer for any physical tickets, notes, and cards

The Zen Traveler 

This traveler likes to explore on their own terms by living in the moment. They don’t like packed itineraries and want to relax and take it easy. So instead of activity hopping, they might spend a whole day enjoying an easy brunch, hiking among local scenery, and some relaxing downtime at night. 

If you;re a Zen Traveler with a low-key vibe, you need a few things to make your road trip count:

  • Travel companions who don’t want to pack out their itinerary to the hilt
  • A guide to relaxing spots at your destination, like a yoga studio or the best beaches
  • A portable Bluetooth speaker or earbuds and a chill music playlist
  • A list of the best hiking trails in the area
  • Helpful apps that show reviews for restaurants and quaint cafés
  • Comfortable trainers for walking about
  • A calming essential oil diffuser for their hotel room

The takeaway

If you haven't discovered your road trip personality type yet, you can take the free road trip personality test here. Once you’ve found your road trip must-haves, you can get to planning your next getaway and have some peace of mind knowing you’ve got your ideal vacay figured out!

Cianna Garrison
Cianna Garrison holds a B.A. in English from Arizona State University and works as a freelance writer. She fell in love with psychology and personality type theory back in 2011. Since then, she has enjoyed continually learning about the 16 personality types. As an INFJ, she lives for the creative arts, and even when she isn’t working, she’s probably still writing.