Okay, analyzing presidential candidates' personality types is interesting and instructive, but perhaps it's time for something a little more lighthearted? After sifting through the superhero movie deluge this summer, I started thinking about our iconic heroes and their personality styles. Some are more apparent than others, but here are my guesses.Ironman/Tony Stark: ISTP. This character is often found tinkering with metal, circuits, and mechanical devices, engaging in wildly adventurous behavior, and playing the field romantically---all characteristics of the typical ISTP. ISTPs love to be in the action, and more than any other type they have a skill in manipulating mechanical objects. Unlike many superheroes, his exploits result from his desires for action, revenge, and his own survival, rather than from a larger sense of morality or ideals. He's not an enforcer, but the action and the gear of the superhero business excites him.Batman/Bruce Wayne: ENTP. More typical of superheroes in the sense that he is idealistic, Batman still lives on the fringes of society. He's often content with being portrayed as a vigilante or even a villain if it furthers his cause. Like many ENTPs, he doesn't feel an intrinsic need to belong, as long as he is living by his own personal code. Technologically savvy and inventive, Batman relies on his ability to create superior weapons for his personal crusade--however, unlike Ironman, Batman creates the design and leaves the building up to someone else. Superman/Clark Kent: ESFJ. Sometimes called the Big Blue Boy Scout, Superman follows the rules and takes care of the weak. Like many ESFJs, he sees his role as a protector, and makes sure that the gears of society hum along smoothly and that people have what they need. He's the least rogueish of the superheroes, and despite the fact that he's a member of a supercharged alien race, you get the sense that he really just wants to fit in. He's responsible, he's traditional, and he's always there when you need him.Spider-Man/Peter Parker: INTJ. Gifted in science, Spider-Man became so when accidentally bitten by a spider, and took on his superhero status reluctantly when he realized his responsiblity to use his powers for good. Most INTJs enjoy science and technology, and Spider-Man is no different; he's fascinated by his own powers and devises gadgets to assist him. But his responsibility overwhelms him, and he often takes on too much. He has the INTJ's longing for stability, and this results in much of his stress as a superhero---unfortunately, it's not a job you can schedule.
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