Extroverts More Confident About Communication Skills

Extroverts are more likely to perceive themselves as good communicators than are Introverts, a study led by Donald Loffredo at the University of Houston has found. In this survey of communication style and personality type, researchers discovered significant correlations between various aspects of communication and the preference scales of Extroversion/Introversion, as well as Thinking/Feeling and Sensing/Intuition.

Introverts and Sensors are more likely to report apprehension about communication in all settings, public and private. Feelers are more likely to be apprehensive about communication in a public arena, possibly due to their sensitivity to their audience's reaction to their message.

The authors found that observable differences in communication style can predict personality type preferences, with Extroverts being noticeably more dominant, open, and relaxed when communicating with others. Intuitive Thinkers are more likely to be argumentative or contentious when communicating.


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