Introverts unite beneath a common banner: we need our alone time on the regular. Especially when it comes to our jobs, the way we approach and process our day can quickly affect every other aspect of our lives if it leaves us repeatedly stressed and drained.

Identifying as an Introvert on personality tests informs us that we give away a little of our energy with every person we interact with. The more time we spend on the external energy, the faster we are empty, and the only way to refill our tank is to plug in to quiet alone time.

We can do any job handed to us, certainly, but knowing which jobs we would thrive in gives us an edge on long term happiness. What if we could be challenged at work but leave charged at the end of the day? Too much to hope for? Read on.

Best Jobs for Introverts in the Office

Introverts thrive in offices where tasks are prioritized over social engagement. If the company culture values quotas and accomplishments, then the occasional collaboration or team meetings won’t drain you. Look for jobs that reward self-reliance and value employees who can work independently toward a team goal. Here are three office job arenas that especially appeal to Introverts.

#1 Accountant, bookkeeper, auditor, or CPA

If you enjoy working with hard data and crunching numbers, be the dollar-keeper for companies who need their facts without the fluff. This behind-the-scenes career brings respect and a good salary while minimizing the social, competitive, or confrontational situations in other corporate desk positions.

#2 Psychologist, psychiatrist, camp or school counselor, or therapist

If you enjoy listening to people and the challenge of helping them analyze, heal, learn, and grow, you might gravitate toward this field of work. Therapists require a great deal of empathy and the skill set to provide people with the tools to alter their behavior or thought patterns. Deep-diving into this job arena can be fulfilling while allowing for the quiet alone times you need to recharge at work.

#3 Librarian, historian, data entry specialist, archivist

Don’t let the stereotype throw you. The quiet spaces and speaking volumes are just right! These are along the best jobs for Introverts who love to be fully immersed into projects and enjoy watching little columns of data or rows of books line up straight. Universities, nonprofits, and research institutes require your sharp eye and dedication to manage their large digital and physical endeavors, and they are willing to pay you for it.

Best Jobs for Introverts in the Great Outdoors

Sometimes a career takes you out of an office and into the great outdoors. Introverts thrive on solo jobs, those where there are plenty of opportunities to work alone and deep dive into tasks. Browse some fresh air ideas here.

#1 Landscape designer, groundskeeper, maintenance worker, gardener, park ranger

Trees and boulders and flowers, oh my! If you love getting your hands dirty, take your skill set to a nursery, farm, race track, or golf course. Depending on the company, salaries are competitive and the need for employees is ongoing. If you are licensed to operate large equipment and trucks or can work at altitude trimming fifty-foot palms, there are jobs in this field that keep you busy, happy, and solo.

#2 Plumber, electrician, home or appliance repairman, auto or aircraft mechanic, pool technician

These are the jobs usually veiled beneath the label of ‘engineer’ and can provide a wide scope of opportunities when you’re an Introvert who loves to work with your hands. These trades require craftspeople who can work independently to solve problems and maintain efficient shipshape systems. Whether you run your own business or work for a small business, these skills will always be in demand.

#3 Veterinarian, groomer, pet sitter, dog trainer, kennel or animal shelter employee

Working with animals can be a great fit for Introverts as a meaningful and rewarding job. Yes, you have to speak with anxious owners but as you are both interested in a positive experience for the animal, the stress on you is fairly minimal.

Best Jobs for Introverts Based at Home 

In our post-pandemic age, home-based business is on the rise like never before. Being an entrepreneur is particularly appealing as a job choice for Introverts because it puts you in the decision-making seat. Want a day with no interruptions or an hour of isolation between networking events? Calling the shots means you have control over your energy levels at all times.

#1 Social media marketing, SEO manager, PR consultant, content creator, blogger

Social media, apps, online algorithms…if these are your jam, you need to sit down at your desk and start clicking. Digital copy and content is in high demand. Whether you hire out to a single company or a dozen, you control your hours, your pay, your schedule, and most importantly, your stress levels. You generally work with a single client or fellow colleague at a time and usually in writing, making this a great job area for Introverts.

#2 Ecommerce entrepreneur, website designer, software developer, graphic design

Depending upon your level of introversion, there are jobs that appeal to designers and creatives and can be done from home. Running an online storefront involves keeping up with real time numbers, customers, and inventory. Designing websites, graphics, and even new software allows for long term projects that satisfy while getting minimal social interaction with clients, meetings, or networking opportunities.

#3 Court reporter, transcriber, translator

Languages are fascinating and if you know more than one, you can translate books, conversations, or even events in the case of ASL. You might provide subtitles for video or television, or transcribe audio or visual recordings into written text. Bilingual written transcribing jobs in the business, technical, legal, and scientific fields are always in demand. Court reporters type out legal proceedings in real time, word-for-word, and since many court proceedings are taking place online these days, some aspects of the job can be done from home.

Introverts unite!

You are you, regardless of your current education level or background. Playing to your strengths is always a good job market strategy. When you go on your next career search, look for the jobs that will leave you feeling energized and valued instead of drained and scattered.

Suit your personality before you choose your next power suit.

Jolie Tunnell
Jolie Tunnell is an author, freelance writer and blogger with a background in administration and education. Raising a Variety Pack of kids with her husband, she serves up hard-won wisdom with humor, compassion and insight. Jolie is an ISTJ and lives in San Diego, California where she writes historical mysteries. Visit her at