Argumentative Personality Types

Intuitive Thinking personality types are the most likely of all of the types to be argumentative, according to research led by Donald Loffredo, Ed.D, at the University of Houston. ENTJs in particular tended to score as highly argumentative. Intuitive types are more likely to approach argument as a means of exploring possibilities, while Thinking types often enjoy argument as an exercise to think things out logically and analyze a situation. Thinkers are also less likely than Feeling types to get emotionally involved in an argument, and so are more likely to approach conflict without reservations.

The researchers also found that, independent of type, men tend to be more argumentative than women. Thinking types can benefit from understanding that their tendency to argue may not be appreciated by Feeling types, who usually prefer to build consensus and focus on harmony rather than engage in argument.


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Guest (not verified) says...

Hahahaha totally true. I'm kind of a mix between ENTP and ENTJ, and all the time, if someone says something I don't agree with I instantly start running my mouth without a second thought.

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