9 Best Entrepreneur Ideas for Introverts

Introverts have the extraordinary ability to recharge their energy levels all by themselves. Literally. they find an isolated docking station and tune out the rest of the world to restore their inner peace. Once an Introvert is charged up, they are ready to take on the world. Or at least their task of the moment.

If you’re an Introvert with a work environment that is dictated by others—and those “others” could be top-notch Extraverts—then you know the stress of feeling your energy draining away with no upcoming personal breaks in sight. Interacting with people all day is a particular drain that calls for monitoring and controlling where possible. Running your own business could be an appealing alternative.

As an entrepreneur, you are able to construct a business that has built-in recharging time for yourself every day. Your business relationships could include partners, team members, investors, or clients. You may require an accountant, a marketer, or a supportive spouse for your business to be successful. But you will also dictate those personal breaks that enable you to work consistently at peak performance.

Entrepreneur Ideas for Introverted Personalities 

If you identify as an Introvert with a strong inclination toward entrepreneurship, read on. Here are nine of the best entrepreneur ideas for Introverts.

1. Flip something

Maybe your gift is in seeing potential. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure! Comb the flea markets for that special antique piece that needs to be refinished, then resell it for more than you invested in it. This is a far-reaching idea that is only limited by your imagination.

Can you flip a house? Many have. What about a car? Rebuilt vehicles can sell for thousands. One popular show that will go unnamed touts people who purchase the contents of abandoned storage containers unseen, then investigate the potential treasures inside. There’s money to be made in the resale of clothing, sneakers, jewelry, and jeans. Gather your items from garage sales, thrift stores, and personal ads and with a dedicated website, you will have regular customers flock to your finds and pay good money for them.

2. Cook something

If you have skills with a whisk, your new business could be sitting on the plate in front of you. Artisan foods are a huge hit at fairs, festivals, and events. Create a unique recipe, scout out the competition, arrange for consistent production, and throw some taste-testing parties. This delicious entrepreneurial idea can be scaled up as far as your stamina can handle. Do you want to sell your delicacies from a food truck? Be an exclusive partner with a restaurant chain? Sign a contract with a warehouse-sized distributor? If you begin selling salsa, will you expand to sell chips?

Perhaps your business vision includes staying home, in which case online sales are not only possible but profitable. Everything from flavored olive oils to custom cookies can be produced, sold, packed, and shipped from the comfort of your home with the proper licenses. Cold and fresh products will have particular requirements to consider, such as refrigeration or expiration dates. If your grandmother’s recipe for an ethnic specialty is prized at your table, it could be prized at thousands of others.

3.  Craft something

Job lists for Introverts invariably include computer-based careers, but graphic design bleeds into crafting greeting cards, puzzles, and stationery. Journalism is a small step away from writing books and cartoons. Can you design a website or program a computer? Then you can design the next big board game.

Creating content and adding a crafting layer to it could produce a brilliant business idea. There is an ongoing demand for children’s books that are clever, catchy, or cute. Greeting cards range from sentimental to sarcastic. While creating the next indispensable app could be your money-maker, so could making card and board games, because people gathering together for wine and a social hour will always be a thing.

4. Teach something

With technology, your clients are only a click away from learning your expertise, hearing your advice, or watching your demonstration. There’s a market for education, whether it’s how to master a new language or when to pick a ripe watermelon. Create your curriculum and sell it in print, audio, video, or digital form.

If you’d rather have a more personal, interactive experience, get out of the house and be a tour guide. Work one-on-one with clients as a life coach or personal trainer. Tutor a high-schooler or hold mulching workshops through city programs. Invite students to your studio and teach music or dance. Run a karate dojo or a horse arena.

5. Tend something

Where is your happy place? If you love children, becoming a nanny, babysitter, or running a preschool could be your next job. Animal lovers would gravitate toward petsitter, dog walker, or running a kennel. People will pay for someone to clean their house, clean their yard, or clean their cars. Successful businesses have been built on junk removal services alone.

The service industry includes everything from hairdressers to private investigators. If you know of a need, it’s not a far stretch to find a unique way to fill it and create a business around it.

6.  Attend something

As long as there are events, there are people needed to make them happen. At first glance, you’d think an Introvert wouldn’t be within miles of the next big party, but think again. Freelance photographers step in and out of the action at their own discretion and answer only to their client. The caterer and his staff remain in the background, doing their thing, and leave when the job is finished.

Bring the party yourself. Portable parties are in high demand. Be the clown or the princess at a child’s party. Bring the pony rides or the bounce house. Set yourself up as the King of Vegas and bring casino games to someone’s 50th birthday gig or teach yourself magic tricks and bring in the tips.

7. Grow something

There will always be a need for fresh-grown food and greenery. Greenhouses require a lot of space but are a lucrative business. Depending on your location, you could supply florists with flowers, grocers with produce, restaurants with mushrooms, or wineries with grapes.

Large tracts of land could become Christmas tree farms. If other types of trees flourish in the area, you could run a U-pick type orchard for seasonal income. Nurseries supply homeowners, land developers, and cities with the shrubs, trees, and plants that brighten neighborhoods.

8. Rent something

With a fence and a watchman, you can rent out a space for people to park their recreational vehicles. With a little more fortification, you have a space where people can park their horses. If you want to scale up, run a business with environmentally-controlled self-storage facilities.

Another way to expand on this entrepreneurial idea, is to build cabins or campsites on your land and rent to vacationers and tourists. A lot of people are touring in their own backyards this year and quaint Bed & Breakfasts are a growing industry.

9. Style something

The wedding industry alone holds a behemoth of possibilities. If you have land anywhere scenic or accessible, consider turning it into a wedding or party venue. With good planning, the property will return on your investment year after year.

Perhaps your style isn’t suited for parties. Perhaps your land is far wilder. Set yourself up as a hunting guide, create a zipline tour, or open a shooting range or paintball park. Go a step further and open a summer camp of any flavor.

If self-employment is a viable business option for you, it’s time to create your entrepreneurial vision, assemble your team, and get to work.

After a moment of silence in your personal docking station.

Jolie Tunnell
Jolie Tunnell is an author, freelance writer and blogger with a background in administration and education. Raising a Variety Pack of kids with her husband, she serves up hard-won wisdom with humor, compassion and insight. Jolie is an ISTJ and lives in San Diego, California where she writes historical mysteries. Visit her at jolietunnell.com