When you try personality testing for the first time, you might be surprised by the knock-on effect it can have in all aspects of your life. Knowing your personality type can open up new doors to understanding yourself and the people around you.

Curious to know more? Here are 7 unintended consequences of personality testing that you might not be prepared for…

1. You finally become your own cheerleader

If you’re looking for unexpected consequences of personality testing - one of the biggest has to be the chance to suddenly understand and appreciate your personality type in all its forms. 

Rather than stressing over the fact you’re too erratic or too neurotic, you get a new perspective on yourself. Your strengths and weaknesses are what make you who you are and you quickly learn that all those different facets of your personality are assets in their own way.

Personality testing gives you the chance to become your own cheerleader, including:

  • Leaning into your best personality traits
  • Understanding how to work with your weaknesses
  • Helping others see your top strengths

Not only does it get easier to recognize your personality type yourself, it also makes it easier to talk about it to others! 

2. You get a roadmap for new relationships

You know that feeling when you meet someone for the first time and everything about them seems like a mystery? What about 3 months later when you still don’t feel like you understand them? Personality testing gives you the chance to peer inside another person’s mind and figure them out - and the effects can be almost instant.

One of the most helpful and unexpected consequences of personality testing is the way it unravels the mysteries of other people. Rather than getting confused or frustrated by the way your friend or partner acts, use personality testing as a tool to help you navigate your relationships.

This includes:

  • Understanding what they value most
  • Predicting how they will react in certain environments
  • Finding new ways to love and surprise them
  • Managing conflict 
  • Making plans for the future

There are so many different parts of a new relationship that are dependent on personality type. Personality testing gives you a roadmap to help you make a lasting connection.

3. You discover career paths you never considered before

Personality testing is about a whole lot more than just knowing your personality. It also gives you insights into the types of careers that are best suited to your unique strengths and weaknesses.

When you’re first starting out in the world of work, you might not give much thought to your personality type. You probably think about salary, location, opportunities for progression and the type of working environment - but how often do you stop to consider whether or not you’re actually suited to that kind of career? 

Personality testing gives you the chance to pause and take stock of your career. If you’re feeling stuck in your current job or confused about what to do next, personality testing can help to give you much-needed clarity. It can open up new avenues for you that might just lead you to your dream job - and also give you some handy pointers for the interview! 

4. You can nip negative traits in the bud

While personality testing is all about celebrating every personality trait in its own right, it also gives you key insights into your negative traits. This can help you to recognize them in yourself - which is not an easy thing to do!

If you have aspects of your personality that aren’t serving you - either in your relationships, at work or in your everyday life - personality testing can help shine a light on them. This is the first step to helping you stop toxic habits in their tracks and getting yourself on a better path. Nip your negative traits in the bud and be free to be your best self!

5. You learn to appreciate every person on your team

At work, personality testing can also give you the chance to understand and appreciate your colleagues and team members. This is especially helpful for managers, giving you the opportunity to organize your team and allocate tasks based on personality type rather than at random.

Even if you’re not managing a team, personality testing can help you to embrace the quirks of your colleagues and find better ways to work with them. Knowing the personality types of the people around you can help you to be more efficient at work. You’ll learn not to ask the planning obsessed Judger to do a spontaneous task, you’ll get the Perceiver personality type to help instead!

6. You find new ways to help your mental health

When you dive into the world of personality testing for the first time, you probably don't imagine the impact it will have on all aspects of your life. One of the most surprising is the benefits to your mental health.

By better understanding your personality type, you can find strategies to manage your mental health and wellbeing in ways that work for you. You might find your personality type benefits from exercise rather than meditation to boost your mood. Or you learn that talking to an expert is the best way to help you rather than just relying on friends.

Everyone is different and the strategies you use to manage your mental health should be personalized to your needs and your personality type. This is a positive side-effect of personality testing that few people expect when they first start.

7. You become a better person!

Personality testing can do a lot of things to change and improve your day-to-day life, from helping you to understand your colleagues to making new relationships easier. You might discover a new career path or get insights into your more negative traits and how to change them. 

The most important and unexpected consequence of personality testing is it can help you become a better person all round! Personality testing can help you to become someone who is self-aware, reflective and mindful of others - and it all starts with a test!

Elizabeth Harris
Elizabeth is a freelance writer and ghostwriter. She’s an anthropologist at heart and loves using social theory to get deeper into the topics she writes about. Born in the UK, Elizabeth has lived in Copenhagen, Frankfurt and Dubai before moving most recently to Budapest, Hungary. She’s an ENTJ with ENFJ leanings. Find out more about her work at bethharris.com