Graphic Designers are a hot career option for INFPs

INFPs are individualistic, creative thinkers who place high value on originality. They long to make a positive difference in the world, and as independent-spirited Healers, they want to do it on their terms. They focus on potential, possibility and on the good in people and situations. Hot careers for INFPs let these ethical and iconoclastic people use their considerable creative talents to bring out the best in themselves and others.

Graphic Designer

If you're an artistically-inclined INFP, you might enjoy a career as a graphic designer. As a graphic designer, you'll put your artistic skills to work as a means of communication. Whatever the message you seek to convey, you'll communicate it by careful and creative arrangement of elements like photography, text, color and layout. Many avenues of employment are open to graphic designers. They design publications and advertisements and play a strong role in digitally-based multimedia. To become a graphic designer, you'll need to earn a Bachelor's degree in graphic design, preferably from a college or university that's accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. The most important factor in career advancement as a graphic designer is experience.

Public Relations Specialist

For an INFP who excels at communication, a career as a public relations specialist might be ideal. Public relations specialists work to develop positive images of their clients as perceived by the public and to help them build good publicity. Clients can include businesses, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations and governments. They often act as liaisons between their clients and the public. If you would like to become a public relations specialist, you'll need to earn a Bachelor's degree in public relations, communications or a related field. Depending on what type of clients you seek, you might want to choose supplementary coursework in psychology, political science or marketing. Public relations specialists can improve their opportunities for advancement by seeking accreditation through the Public Relations Society of America or the International Association of Business Communicators.

Social Scientist

A career as a social scientist could be an excellent path for an INFP who aspires to an understanding of the human condition. Social scientists include archaeologists, historians and anthropologists. Through the study of these types of sciences, INFPs can contribute in a positive way to the sum of human knowledge: learning what people were like in the past sheds light on who we are today and on who we're becoming. Social scientists can specialize in areas like group dynamics and institutional analysis. For optimal employment opportunities as a social scientist, you must earn a minimum of a Masters degree in your field of interest, and preferably a Ph.D. Social scientists may work in academia, for governments or as consultants.


If you're an INFP who has excellent writing skills and an entrepreneurial streak, you might want to consider a career as a translator. As a translator, you'll use both creativity and analytical ability to convert written works to another language. Many translators are self-employed people who work wherever they are needed, such as in schools, courtrooms or hospitals. The most important qualification for translators is to be fluent in a minimum of two languages. Many translators have Bachelor's degrees, but it's a good idea to find a formal training program for translators, which are offered at colleges all over the United States. Translators can improve employment and advancement opportunities by seeking certification through the American Translators Association.

Values are paramount to INFPs, who seek, through the work they do, to apply their devotion to principle to helping people and applying creative solutions to problems. Hot careers for INFPs are those that let these compassionate trailblazers use their qualities of independent thought and vision to help better the world in which they live.


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