Chefs are popular choices for ESFPs

As spontaneous individuals who live for the present moment, ESFPs yearn to connect with people and make positive differences in their lives. They love having fun, being in the spotlight and making others laugh. ESFPs chafe at regimented schedules and thrive on spontaneity. Hot careers for ESFPs are those that allow these free-spirited, gregarious people opportunities to see, moment by moment, tangible results of their heartfelt efforts to help people.

Social Worker

If you're an ESFP who desires to help others improve the conditions of their lives, then perhaps you should consider a career as a social worker. Some people need help coping with painful and difficult situations, such as serious illnesses. Other people need guidance on how to deal with difficult life transitions, including divorce or unemployment. Whether they work with children and families or in medical settings, social workers are in a position to provide tangible, day-to-day assistance to those in need.

To become a social worker, you'll have to earn a Bachelor's degree in social work (BSW). For certain kinds of careers, such as those in medical or school settings, you'll need a Masters degree in social work (MSW). In the U.S., each state has its own requirements regarding licensing or certification.

Elementary School Teacher

The career of elementary school teacher made the top slot of the College Board's list of hottest jobs for college graduates with Bachelor's degrees. For an ESFP who wants to help children grow and develop during some of the most crucial of their formative years, a career as an elementary school teacher might well be ideal. As an elementary school teacher, you'll be doing nothing less than contributing to the welfare and betterment of future generations.

If you'd like to become an elementary school teacher, you must earn a Bachelor's degree by successfully completing a teacher education program. Public school teachers in the U.S. must be licensed; however, private schools may have different licensing requirements. Obtaining professional certification is a solid, career-enhancing option for elementary school teachers.


A career as a chef would be a great choice for ESFPs who are creatively-inclined, love cooking, and who would receive satisfaction from knowing that people are enjoying food that they've prepared with great care. When working as a chef, high standards of cleanliness are important. Other assets for chefs are the possession of extra-sharp acuity when smelling and tasting. Chefs are usually responsible for directing the operation of kitchens, whether in restaurants or in other facilities that provide food service.

Several educational routes are available if you're interested in becoming a chef. Some colleges offer two or four-year degrees in hospitality. Other possibilities include getting training at a culinary arts school or a technical school. Regardless of what path you choose, you would derive great benefit as a chef by seeking certification from the American Culinary Federation.

Fashion Designer

Another possible career path for creatively-inclined ESFPs is that of fashion designer. If you're an ESFP with a keen eye for what is aesthetically-pleasing in clothing and accessories, then working as a fashion designer might be just the thing for you. For starters, you'll need skills in pattern-making and sewing so that you'll understand the basics of how clothing is put together. You'll also need top-notch communication skills, because as a fashion designer, part of your job will be to sell your designs to clients.

To pursue a career as a fashion designer, you'll need to earn a two or four-year degree in fashion design. A Bachelor's degree is preferred, and you might wish to take additional courses in fashion merchandising or marketing. Career options for fashion designers are varied. Some fashion designers work for other designers, and others start their own businesses. Still others are employed by high fashion houses that offer custom designs at high prices. While fun-loving and energetic, ESFPs tend to be grounded people who pay attention to practical details.

Hot careers for ESFPs are those that allow these exuberant people to best put their wide range of skills to work with an eye toward helping others and raising the Fun Quotient for all with whom they come in contact.

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